Sale Alert: Colourpop Sale Up to 75% Off

Coloupop has recently been banging out these sales, but so far this is the best combination yet. From their Twitter and Instagram, they promoted “Up to 75% off SALE starts 2/11 at 10 am pst! exlusions apply!” and noting on their Instagram deals start at 25% off.

Now I’ve been following Colourpop and their deals for a while. 25% isn’t that new, but including that with products up to 75% off is quite new. If you want a preview, check their Up to 75% Off section right now to get an idea of the best deals still going on. A product I can’t believe is on sale is the sunflower collection’s Lil’ Ray of Sunshine palette, as well as a few other things from that collection. I’m not sure if they are planning another big purge of products off their site, but keep that in mind for some of the older releases. Colourpop sales gets rid of products fast!

So What Will I Have My Eye Out For?

I’m looking for a sheer gloss such as the lux lip gloss, lux lip oil, and ultra glossy lip. (There’s also the roller gloss and so jucy gloss, but I’m not a fan of the packaging on either). There’s already a lot on sale as it is, so I’m bound to try at least one. I’m such a neutral gal so any of those palettes like That’s Taupe, Going Coconuts, and Making Mauves I’ll look out for as well. The Dark Bloom collection still catches my eye every time I see it on their site! Probably look into their bronzers and blushes too. No real solid plans yet!

Fourth Ray Beauty’s Instagram also announced they will be in on the Colourpop sale. I think it’s time to restock my Rainfall 2% HA serum and Soak it up Mask. But, I am interested in trying some new products this time around. I have yet to try their famous face milks and I always need lip care products. I’ve been looking into trying their black packaging products for oily skin such as the Clean Slate foaming exfoliator and After Hours Detox face oil. Spring will be around the corner before you know it, and then seasonal oily skin!

What to Keep in Mind

Make sure, especially with bundles, to check the net weight. I saw a lot of people disappointed with their Christmas bundles because some of the products are very tiny. I got the dry skin bundle and got their mask sample, which is only a little bigger than a quarter wide. Still, the deluxe sample sizes lasted me a while.

Also keep in mind fragrance. Some products such as their Oat Milk face milk are fragrance free along with some other products, but many have very strong scents. It can be hard to find fragrance in their ingredient lists since it’s not listed as the usual parfume, linalool, essential oils, etc. It can be hard to spot fragrance so check the comments and read reviews if that is a concern for you.


This sale might be a good opportunity for those who need to restock their products or who have a product in mind. Or not! Maybe you just want to make a reduced price purchase. There’s no harm that! Remember it starts on Thursday on the 11th and happy shopping for those who want to buy!

Update: 2/19/21- About the same products are still on sale under their 75% off section. I’ve only noticed a few products that went out of stock but the vast majority are still available for the sale.