ELF Rewards: Is It Worth It? + Elf Deals

Elf Rewards: is it worth it?
Via Elf Instagram’s Post

ELF – A Good Brand?

Elf Cosmetics in the past few years has really stepped up their game. I remember just a couple years ago having to heavily research which products were good since they were quite hit-or-miss. Some products were amazing, and other were just plain awful and ineffective. These past few years though, Elf has stepped up to the plate to deliver not only amazing products, but consistently good launches. Between their putty primer series and fragrance free skincare, the company has been delivering some major hits. Although there’s some gimmicky and faulty products still, you can’t beat their drugstore brand.

What Is ELF’s Reward System?

ELF’s rewards system, also known as ELF’s Beauty Squad, is a system where you gain points that can be traded in for coupon codes. Without spending any money, you can earn about $2 worth (100 points) just by setting up an account and a few other things like linking social media accounts, setting up a beauty profile and reviewing products. Just setting on an account and doing a couple of these things took me less than an hour and was pretty simple. But more importantly, the main rate is 2 points per dollar spent. Which, is fairly good for a reward system if you buy their products frequently. On occasion they have double points deals as well.

What about In-Store Purchases?

This part is one of favorites. If you buy from in-store retailers such Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc. you can get points by uploading the receipts. I recommend being very careful with your receipts though because if a bar code or price is rubbed off, it doesn’t count. I bought a product at Walmart and by the time I got home with a crumbled receipt, some of information I needed was scratched off and it didn’t count. So, be careful of how you treat your receipts!

So… Is it Worth it?

This depends. If you are someone who loves ELF and buys products a couple times a year at least, it can actually save you some money. I know family members who buy ELF products, so I combine my points with theirs which is another great option. But, if your not willing to spend more than $50 a year on products, it may not be worth it.

Definitely consider their other options to gain points. By writing 2 reviews a month, you get 40 points which is almost $0.50. Again, that’s not a lot, but if you write 2 reviews every month for 6 months, you nearly make $6.00 without buying anything! You can buy two of their bite-size eye shadow palette for basically a little writing.

So in conclusion, if you buy a lot from ELf anyways and/or have the time to use their other point-earning methods, I think it cane be very rewarding. So far, I got about $5 just for buying products I would have bought anyways! So truly, it’s up to you if you want to devote your time and/or money into the system.

Elf Deals

Another thing to consider is the large amount of deals their website has. If you are someone like me, you like to order products in large quantities rather than buying one or two things every other week. Let me tell you about my Elf haul from this month. I got an order of 6 products, including a mini skincare set of 3, along with 2 free products for $27.50 instead of the original $36.00 ($43.00 if you are including the 2 free products). How? A large combination of deals.

  • 30% off Valentines Day Sale
  • 20% orders over $30
  • Honey coupon $1.45 off
  • Elf Reward Program $4
  • Free shipping over $15
  • 2 Free products + hand sanitizer over $30

Although many of the deals were small (such as the Elf roll-on acne treatment from $3 to $2.40) they did add up. Even with my discounts, the over $30 deals still counted even though my total was under $30.


ELf is a very accessible and lowly priced, but even on top of these factors it’s easy to save more money. Their reward system is great for those who want to put in the effort and who buy their products anyways to get more cash. Also, watch for deals because often Elf is having sales around the holidays and other events, and their sales tell to overlap in your cart. Elf is worth it if you are on a budget and even for those who are skilled makeup users for their great products.

Elf has three different tiers with their own perks depending on your number of points you earn