Colourpop Haul- Animal Crossing Collab

For my January purchase, I got myself a small package from Colourpop during their Animal Crossing collab restock.

Colourpop, especially as of recently, has been under fire for a lot of reasons: very dupable makeup, not diverse enough shades, too many releases, not enough restocks, etc. etc. I feel like they’ll slow start to see people’s way, but for now it’s still a waiting game to see how they’ll take criticism.

For now though, I decided to pick up this collab because Animal Crossing is one of my favorite games and it’s very nostalgic for me.

My Colourpop Haul- Animal Crossing Collab

Animal Crossing Collab- What a Hoot Palette

This palette collection is Colourpop’s first (and so far only) quad. If you want a size reference, it’s slightly smaller than their normal blushes by a centimetre. This palette is very pigmented and I was a little surprised how orange the shade Celestial was. It’s definitely a neutral palette but it’s very warm toned compared to the palette Nude Mood. Meteor Shower is a pressed glitter, so be aware of that if you decide to buy this quad.

I’m a little disappointed by this palette. In part, it’s my own personal preference, but I didn’t like how warm-toned they are, and there’s a drastic change in color from using Celestial as a base shade and WHO in the outer corners. Also, I don’t plan on using pressed glitters anytime soon.

Overall, wouldn’t highly recommend it unless you like pressed glitters, warm shades and a basic quad design. I can admit I got swept up in the Animal Crossing hype.

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Animal Crossing Collab- Flower Power

Another part of the Animal Crossing Collaboration is this Flower Power blush. When I made my order, I originally wanted the shade Flower Tender- a more neutral peachy type of blush- but it was sold out so I quickly grabbed this shade.

Overall I really like it. There’s pink glitters in it, but nothing very reflective and hard to notice in normal lighting. I can say I heard the blushes are softer and I can confirm that. It takes a little more building, but I’m actually very happy with that change. I tried another one of their blushes and it was almost too pigmented. So, this is a cute option if you don’t mind a cool-toned pink blush with shimmer.

Ultra Glossy Lip in Atta Girl

This is my first lip product from Colourpop!

I can say I’m very simple when it comes to lips- very neutral colors and sheer finishes are my go-to looks. I recently decluttered an old clear lip gloss so I picked this one up for half price. The shade Atta Girl is clear but has pink and blue floating shimmers added in. The texture and finish is nice, but I wish it had a doe-foot applicator since the brush is a little hard to use. But otherwise, a solid choice for a clear gloss.

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Brow Dual Ended Brush E-14

I was desperately in need of a brow brush. I had been using a mini I got from a kit years ago and it does not do my brows any justice. So, I bought this as well for half off. I noticed something right away when I got it: it was very tiny. I bought a E-10 small pencil brush in my first Colourpop order and compared to that the handle was very small. It’s much thinner and shorter, which isn’t much of problem but something to be aware of.

Otherwise, it’s a standard spoolie and brow brush duo. Not much else to note besides it does it’s job well. The brow brush side is lighter and takes more building than I’m used to, but it looks much neater and structured than my previous brow brush. The spoolie is a little harsh, and I can admit that it could be softer. Also, it could be really good for travel since it’s so light-weight and small.

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Is It Worth it?

I was more disappointed with this Colourpop haul than my previous haul. The What a Hoot’s palette’s packaging is so cute, but once you own it and realize it’s really basic and overpriced for Colourpop, it’s a little disappointing. Another reminder that packaging isn’t everything: especially from Colourpop. Also extra disappointing is that less than a month later the Bambi Collection came out with a similar yet better looking 5-pan palette. Oh, Colourpop. Why must you do this?

The brow brush and Ultra Glossy Lip are nice staple addition to my collection- they met my expectations. Really, the blush is the only thing that really wowed me. I’d recommend the blushes the most out of the collection, but the super shock shadow looks really pretty as well.

Overall probably a bit of a impulsive purchase for cute packaging for a Colourpop haul, but I’m slowly learning my lesson.