My Elf Haul- What’s New With Elf?

For my February purchase, I decided to get some more elf products. Although my history with Colourpop is still relatively short, I have been using ELF products for years now. I have been so happy to see a decent, reliable brand turn into such a widely-loved name that even high-end users enjoy. I usually buy my products in-person at drugstores but some of the products I wanted weren’t available yet. So, I made an online purchase.

First Impressions

The Lip Exfoliator is the only product I’ve tried previously and repurchased. I got the coconut scented one (although I also recommend the cherry one as well) and it smells really amazing. It’s in the standard black, matte packaging and doesn’t come with a lot of product, but that’s a good thing. One thing I have noticed is that they dry out in a few months, so don’t be afraid to use them up. Not really a con to me since they only cost $4 and you can renew them every six months without breaking the bank. The sugar is quite soft and it’s easy to apply but not super messy. Overall, a great product!

The Mint Melt Cleaning Cloud is a new release. The cleaning cloud has existed for a little while now, but the mint shade is new with the mint collection. It’s very soft but does exfoliate a bit. It’s a little bigger than I’d like as it’s hard to use my nose or chin but I need to use it more to truly know how I feel about it. So far so good. It’s definitely nice to use in the morning when I don’t have a heavy routine.

The reason I wanted to make this purchase was to get the Acne Fighting Spot Gel treatment. I’ve tried benzoyl peroxide in the past and it irritates my skin to the point it’s unusable. So, I picked up this roll-on gel. The first thing I noticed when testing it on my hand is the smell. It’s fragrance-free, but has a very strong intense tea tree oil smell. There’s a lot of strong ingredients such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil and witch hazel, so it’s very much a spot treatment and not an all-over product. It tingles when being used but no burning or irritation otherwise.

To go another with the acne treatment, I got the Say Goodbye to Shine Mini Kit. My skin in the last year has been evolving. My dry skin has recently become combination and is more easily affected by the seasons. To prep for the upcoming Spring and Summer, I bought these minis to test out. They have a lot of key ingredients that I love like niacinamide, tea tree oil, kaolin and squalane. They do have fragrance on the bottom of the ingredient lists but it’s very masking and the products don’t have a strong scent. I need to do more testing, but look out for these in my next favorites post.

After trying the Ride or Die Lip Balm and finding it’s packaging very frustrating, I wanted to try something else. The Hydrating Core Lip Shine take’s a little bit to get used to, but as good color payoff and is fairly hydrating. The Ride or Die is much thicker yet the color is sheer where the Hydrating Core has a thinner texture. I got the shade Happy, which looks pinker than I expected but still nude. I’d recommend the Hydrating core on packaging alone compared to the Ride or Die, and the color payoff is nice without being too intense.

The Marshmallow Blender is my first real sponge, so I can’t talk much about it. It’s soft and a nice size, but I’ll have to play around with it more. It does smooth out my concealer really well.

I got two free products with my purchase: the Kiss it Goodbye Lip Color Remover and a Flat Eye Brush. I find it interesting they didn’t mention that the brush was in collaboration with Nabela Noor from a few years ago. It’s a pretty brush but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to use it. I also can’t find it as a product on it’s own. Not sure how much use I’ll get out of the Lip Color Remover since I don’t wear much heavy lipstick, but it’s nice to have around just in case.

My Final Thoughts

I’d recommend the Lip Exfoliator, Cleaning Cloud and the Hydrating Lip Core. I need to test out my skincare minis some more and then I’ll do an updated post, but for now I can say I like them based on first impressions. I really recommend their skincare, but make sure to check ingredients if you want to avoid any products. They’re constantly innovating, but that means some of their old products aren’t as good. As always, check with the reviews to see what others have to say.