Top 5 Favorite Drugstore Brushes

Brushes are something I always used to consider boring. Why spend money on brushes when you can use that extra cash to buy an eye shadow palette or new mascara? But really, brushes are practical staples that can really made a difference. Although sometimes they can cost a pretty penny even for drugstore.

So, here are some of my drugstore favorites I got fairly cheap, along with a few honorable mentions.

Elf Face Brushes ($3-6)

There’s two main types of brushes Elf sells: one in black packaging (or occasionally white) and a clear-ish white packaging. I’m not sure why the clear packaging is literally double the price, but it is very pretty. But for the sake of this post, I’m focusing on their general, black packaging face brushes.

I have the complexion brush, a big fluffy brush I use for powder and sometimes blush, that I got in a kit a few years back. It has been working wonders and not a single bristle has fallen out that I can remember. My handle is a little loose, but that’s only after 4+ years of use!

If you are a little tight on cash, this could be a good blush and bronzer brush by squeezing the hairs together. It makes the brush smaller and more precise, so it’s useful in a pinch.

Elf Eye Brushes ($2-4)

Okay, last time I’m mentioning Elf but they are so good! I also got a eye brush set and has been doing great for years. I got the eye shadow “c” brush and flat eye shadow brush which are quite similar.

These are my go-to eye brushes. I mentioned in my elf haul post that I got a flat eyeliner brush that was in collaboration with Nabela Noor. It’s only available for a free gift, and I’m not sure how long but it’s still available. Their free gifts switch out often to keep that in mind. But, they all have been really good: sturdy yet soft, sleek design and easy to use.

Colourpop Brushes ($6-12)

Colourpop’s brushes are okay. Some of their brushes are very stiff and a little poky, but others are rightfully sturdy. I’ve tried their pencil brush which has been a nice addition in my collection for deepening my outer corners with dark eye shadow. But, it is very hard and if you aren’t careful, it’s easy to jab it against your eye because of the shape.

On the other hand, their duel-ended brow brush I got in my Colourpop haul is stiff, but works well for my eye brows. They also don’t update their brushes often. I can’t remember the last time they promoted their products other than the Stone Cold Fox collection.

Compared to Elf, Elf is definitely the better option. I’ll have to try more of their brushes but so far those two haven’t done much for me. As of the time I’ve writing this (the last day of February), a lot of their single brushes are on sale so maybe try them out and see for yourself.

Honorable Mentions

Bh Cosmetics Brush Sets ($7-$42)

Their brushes are kinda all over the place in term of types, colors, prices and bundles. You can get singles for a couple dollars, but I’d recommend trying a set instead since it’s cheaper and they also have mini brush sets as well.

I haven’t tried them myself but hear good things. If you have a color preference, they’ll have it for you. BH cosmetics seems to have a lot of sales too. Whenever I check their website, at least something is on sale.

Wet N’ Wild Brushes ($1-$10)

Although a lot of products from Wet N’ Wild are hit or miss, their brushes are widely available and I often find them at dollar stores as well for those who are super tight on budget. I’ll have to pick them up next time, but the reviews are really good for barely over a dollar brush.

They also have more expensive brushes with collaborations or designs as well.


And these my favorite drugstore brushes! I mentioned a couple honorable mentions since I know my brush collection is very limited to what I need. But what about you? What are your favorite drugstore brushes? Do you have a favorite line? Leave a comment below!