Weird Studying Tips That Work

It’s easy to find ways to study, but often it’s the same repeated stories over and over again. So for this post, I’m combining my own weird study hacks along with study tips I find from other online students! Ready? Let’s find out what actually works.

Tip #1: Talking Aloud to Yourself

This tip inspired me to write this post. Speaking aloud can be kinda awkward depending on where you are, but often a friend isn’t waiting at your beck and call to listen to you ramble about college stuff. Instead, talk aloud.

This works for essays to find mistakes, or everyday class work. Or, it can help you better understand texts.

Tip #2: Lighting Candles

Although this doesn’t personally work for, there’s science behind associating things to classes to help you memorize. For example, use a certain candle for each class, or a certain color pen. You associate memories with that class, which might trigger your memory for a subject.

Tip #3: Making Jokes

What kind of joke doesn’t matter, puns or something silly so you’ll remember it during your next test. Even if it’s a really sarcastic, bitter joke or a snippy response to a subject you hate, it might help you remember that acronym or formula.

Tip #4: Teach Your Cat/Dog

Might make you look a little silly, but teaching is a very common way to cement that final understanding. If you can teach someone (even a dog or cat) a topic, then you must know what your talking about!

Tip #5: Eat a Blueberry

Okay, maybe more than a single blueberry. There’s several foods that help with studying, focusing, attention and responsiveness, so consider having a healthy snack while studying. Or alternatively, reward yourself with a cookie or skittle or chip every time you do a small task.


You’re gonna need to do a little more than just this to study well, but these are a few fun options that might be a little weird. Still, they might work for you. They’ve certainly worked for others!