New March Makeup Releases!

Another new month for new makeup! Lots of new releases this month from brands like Elf, Colourpop, BH cosmetics and Melt cosmetics. So in today’s post, let’s look into what’s new.

Elf X Chipotle Collection

So this is a collab between Elf and the fast food (fast casual?) Chipotle. I wasn’t expecting a food collaboration, but I can say it’s cute and the theming is cool idea. But, I’m pretty lukewarm on the whole collection.

The avocado sponge is really cute but I’d imagine impractical. How are you supposed to use the brown pit part? It might be separate pieces, I’m not sure. I would need to look into it more.

The lip gloss is interesting and I like the combination of it being red and a plumping lip gloss for the theme. The palette is pretty bland to me, but the color story does match the theming so I have to give them that.

Overall a pass, but A for creativity.

Colourpop Cheek Dew Serum Blush

A new product for Colourpop, they’re joining the cream/liquid blush train albeit a little late.

I’m hearing mixed reviews on how to apply and which way is the best, but this blush is buildable. You can have it very sheer or stack on top to get great pigment.

I might consider picking it up, but for right now it’s a pass. Might be a good addition to your collection if you don’t have any cream or liquid blushes.

I’ll have to see how it compares to Elf’s putty blush because I’ve been hearing great things about that cream blush.

Colourpop Lemoncelllo Collection

I’ll give it to Colourpop, they almost went a full month without releasing a new collection (as Bambi came out in late February). But, after several teases from Trendmood and other PR members, this collection is now available.

I’m a little torn on this collection. On one hand, aesthetically it looks amazing and introduces a lot of products we haven’t seen in while: new brushes, eye shadow stix and blush stix. But I’m not super drawn to the collection as a whole.

I’m considering getting the brushes set and maybe a blush. The palette is pretty, but I wish there was more yellows! They could have had a light transition yellow and more mustard matte yellow to really brighten up the palette.

For now a pass, but I’m keeping an eye on the collection.

Colourpop X Lizzie McGuire Collection

The newest collection on this list, this collection just launched yesterday (and subsequently sold out already). But! Colourpop is starting to get better at restocks, especially new releases so I’m guessing this’ll restore soon.

Another collection I’m a little meh about. I never watched the show growing up, I was a couple years too late to the party, but I’m excited for the people who did.

The palette is pretty, a nice mix of neutrals but still early 2000s colors, and the blushes are really nice albeit dupeable to their other collections. I’m really only interested in the lip scrub, but very neutral about the whole collection.

It’s nostalgic makeup, so take it as you will.

Colourpop Restocks

Here’s a quick list of restocks that you might want to check out!

  • Sailor Moon x Colourpop Whole Collection
  • Animal Crossing x Colourpop Whole Collection
  • Valentines Day Collection Blushes (Email Exclusive)
  • The Child Eyeshadow Palette
  • Bambi X Colourpop Whole Collection

BH Cosmetics Birthstone Collection: Aquamarine

This palette is gorgeous! Although I don’t like to wear blues, I can’t lie that the shades are beautiful. The price point is really good too for the amount of shades it comes with.

I’ve heard a lot about BH cosmetics, and I’d love to try some products from them eventually, but I’m waiting for the perfect palette to be launched. I’m really looking for a basic neutral-pink palette under 12 shades.

For now a pass, but I’m interested in future palettes!

SOL Gradual Face Tanning Moisturizer

Now, these types of products scare me!

I’m so pale I’d be instantly afraid my face would get too dark, but it could be a good option for those who use their gradual body tanner already. I do find the idea of these really interesting, but again it makes me too nervous.

It’s a big pass, but I thought I’d mention it if someone else is in the market.

Melt Cosmetics Cream Blushlights

Melt has been a newer brand on my mind, but I can say I love their packaging and brand design. This cream blush-highlighter looks so pretty, and I love the shade range. Some appear more shimmery like the shades Lynx and Sundown, while the others are a bit more glowy.

There’s a lot of cream and liquid blushes on the market right now, so I’m curious to see how this one stacks up compared to other brands.

A maybe-purchase, but I need to look more into other cream blushes and decide my winners.

Makeup Revolution Super Dewy Liquid Blush

You guessed it, another blush. This time, a thin liquid one.

I’m not sure how nice a pure liquid blush would apply. They look very thin in the promo photos, but the colors are pretty as well. Not high on my priority list, but I’m curious to see what others think of a liquid blush.


So here’s a few new products on the market! I’m not personally getting anything soon, but some of March’s releases have been really interesting.

Is there anything you’re interested in? Or, anything you’ve already tried? Let me know!