March 2021 Favorites!

How is it already the end of March? Wow, 2021 is flying fast. Before I know it, my freshmen year will be over and summer will be here. But before any of that, let me tell you about some of my favorites this month!

Elf Oil Control Mini Kit

This kit has been a surprising new addition for my collection. I mostly wanted it to play around with so when summer came around, I had good products for my acne, oily-prone skin.

But, I was originally debating if I should buy the powder or serum, but actually I’ve been using the moisturizer the most. It’s such a good moisturizer for the morning when I don’t want to wear my heavy FAB Ultra Repair Cream.

I use the serum around my hairline where I’m the most oily, and so far so good. It’s hard to tell how well it works since I use a lot of oil-related products at once, but it works well.

I’ve only used the powder once, and it’s good but I don’t think I’ll buy a bigger one. Seeing how it’s so absorbing and best to use every couple of days, I’ll stick to using up the mini.

I’ll need to play around with them some more, but expect a review in the near furture!

Elf Hydrating Cameo Concealer

I’ve been trying this concealer for over a month now and combined with a sponge, it works really well. Before I’d been using the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the past, and this adds more coverage without being too cakey.

Sometimes I miss the dewy look, so I mix them together, but the Cameo concealer works well on it’s own. Also, I’m in the shade fair, but it’s still it’s a smidge too dark.

I think I could use a neutral shade, but using a more yellow/warm toned shade cancels out a bit of my dark circles (or I’d like to think so!)

My Polka Dot Plant

I wanted to get a little house plant for a while, but I finally found an excuse to go to Home Depot during this month and picked her up.

She’s very small right now, but she’s supposed to get a couple inches of height on her. She also came in this cute pink container which I might paint later.

There’s some bite marks from my cats on a few leaves but otherwise, she’s starting off well. Very cute!


During the pandemic, I managed to find myself a more consistent hobby: baking. I’m still doing fairly basic box mixes, but it’s a nice way to create something without too much effort.

In the photo I’m baking peanut butter cookies, but in the past I’ve made several kinds of cookies and brownies. My goal to make brownies with fancy frosting styles, and eventually make cupcakes!

A small feat, but it’s been a good way to feel creative these days without dragging out the paint supplies.

Maple Syrup Season

If you live in New England in the US, you know what I’m talking about.

March is maple syrup season! It’s a bit of a tradition for my family to have a pancake breakfast at a sugar shack and buy maple syrup up north, so we did the same this year.

However, we have a lot of local maple syrup right in town. I pick up candies every now and then if I pass by, or a small bottle of maple syrup.


So these are a few of my monthly favorites! I’ve been trying a lot of First Aid Beauty products in the latter half of the month, so I thought I’d save them for next month if I still like them.

What have you guys been enjoying? The warmer weather? New skincare or makeup? Let me know!

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