Another Brand Going Out of Business? Jordana Cosmetics

So, was anyone going to tell me Jordana Cosmetics went out of business?

I was checking my recommended youtube feed when I noticed a video talking about other brands like Becca going out of business, but I noticed Jordana in the thumbnail! Curious, I had to go to their website and check what was going on. When you go to their site, it says:

“The Jordana brand closed on December 31st, 2020… Thank you again for supporting Jordana over the years.”

Many of you may not have know about Jordana Cosmetics, so I’m dedicating this post into talking about them and why they went out of business.


Jordana was a drugstore brand without a lot of hype surrounding it. While competing with brands like Maybelline, Elf, Wet n’ Wild, I can imagine how easy it was to get lost in the market.

Regardless, they had a lot of products under $5 and theming wise, it was a cute company. Nothing very special but at the price point and packaging, it was decent enough. You could find a good variety of products for a cheap price and for a lot of people, that’s all they need.

You can find a fair amount of smaller beauty youtubers online reviewing their products with some hits and misses: they weren’t a perfect brand, but they had some good hits.

Also an important thing to note, Jordana was a sister brand with Milani cosmetics, which compared to Jordana has been doing very well over the years. I often see bigger youtubers mention Milani, much more than Jordana.


Jordana Cosmetics
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They had a variety of products ranging from lipsticks, eyeliners, foundation, face powders, and so on. I get the idea they were known for their lip products, as their liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks are advertised the most on their Instagram.

I personally had their Sweet Cream matte liquid lipstick and two of their Modern Matte lipsticks. Although the liquid lipsticks were drying, I really liked their matte lipsticks for a soft, everyday lip color.

I also had their twist and shine for so long, I didn’t realize what brand they were from! The words were completely faded away, but I loved that lip product as well. By the time they closed, the beauty world was moving towards the opposite perspective: instead of matte liquid lips and full coverage foundations, lip glosses and skin tints were becoming a popular trend. Jordana Cosmetics never quite got the chance to redeem themselves with new products before going under.


Their closing seemed very, very abrupt. From the time of announcement to their actual closing, it was only just over a week.

Where Can You Still Buy?

Some retailers are still selling Jordana Cosmetic products. If you really want to try their products or are desperate for a back up, Amazon is still selling, albeit at a more expensive price.

Walgreens is still selling for regular price for a few select items online only. Walmart also has a couple, so you might be able to find some if you dig.

Their site is completely down; it shows you their goodbye message and that’s all. But, there’s a lot of places you can find their products although probably not for long. Their popularity has quickly gone down, so if you want to find some of your staple products from them, it’s a good idea to look now.


Thought I’d share a quick memory. Growing up, I had a Kmart near me that sold Jordana and I’d often buy from them since they were under $5. It became a habit to browse through the makeup section, and Jordana was always a good price for me.

So, to see the company go makes me so sad. Although they have fallen behind on the trends, it would have continued to be a staple brand for anyone else on a strict budget. You couldn’t beat the price, and considering that some drugstore brands were charging double, sometimes triple for a worse product, they were doing pretty okay price-wise.


This is another reminder of what Covid-19 has done, and how easily brands can go under if they aren’t supported. Not only Becca, who had a very drawn-out end to rake in all the extra cost they could before closing, but brands like Jordana that quickly go under in less than a month.

It also saddens me that I never heard about them closing until now, months later, as I might have bought some of their lipsticks if I had known. But, it seems Jordana is not coming back, but they really want you to support Milani instead, their more popular and successful sister brand.

I hope all is well for the brand owners, workers, etc. It’s sad news, but there’s also plenty of new brands on the market, so we’ll just have to wait and see how the market continues to adapt.