My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Youtubers

For today’s post, I’d like to talk about some of my favorite youtubers! As of right now, I’m subscribed over 100 people and I watch several hours worth of Youtube a day. I watch all sorts of content: beauty, vlogs, video games, cooking, gardening, drawing, and so on. But for this post, I just wanted to talk about beauty youtubers.


I’m almost positive Kathleen was the first beauty youtuber I subscribed to and started watching frequently. I really owe her a lot from as she was my only beauty influence for a long time and really taught me a lot about makeup.

Although she doesn’t upload as frequently and straight-up reviews of products aren’t as common, I still really love her videos.

Also, a big point for her compared to other people is her personality and presents on video. She’s very chill, but also extra and funny, she’s not afraid to talk about the real issues.

Andrea Matillano

Andrea for me was an interesting change from Kathleen’s content. While Kathleen often talks about a product once or twice and moves onto something new, Andrea will keep you updated.

I will admit, at first it was frustrating to hear about the same products every video, but now I know those products really are her favorites and she talks about them as much as she uses them. I also think she’s very relatable as her collection is compact, while she also adds a little bit of her own personality into videos.

I also love how she encourages you to shop your stash and use older products, while a lot of youtubers are easily go on to the next big thing every week.

Her personality is down to earth and she responses to so many comments! If you have a question about a product or an opinion, she’ll likely leave a response for you.


Judy is well-known for her Colourpop reviews, but as of recently she’s branching out a little into other brands. Her Colourpop reviews are what really introduced me to her though.

Some of my favorite videos of hers are Colourpop guides where she explains different formulas and palettes. She’s also one of the first people I go to once I hear a new Colourpop collection has dropped.

She has a very cozy, soft vibe about her that makes her seem so approachable. She also has more personal, get ready with me type videos where she talks about her life, so you get the opportunity to know her better.


A new addition to my subscriptions, Makeup.Just.For.Fun has a lot of in-depth Colourpop reviews (are you noticing a theme here?) but she also tends to get early PR from the brand. Before the new collections even launch, she has most, if not all, of the collection ready to review.

Her channel is nice if you want quick reviews before buying a Colourpop palette. But, she also does other affordable brand videos as well as the occasional high end like Urban Decay and Huda Beauty.

She’s a small youtuber, but I do enjoy the content she puts out.

Smokey Glow

Smokey Glow does more beauty-related news and analysis, but I’m including her on this list because her content is just so good! I’m genuinely surprised she isn’t a large youtuber yet because her content is well-polished, interesting and unique.

Her Evolution Of videos highlight people and makeup companies over the years and how a lot of time, you can see into the future with their scandals. I also genuinely enjoy her monthly favorites, yass or pass, and other beauty-topic videos as well.

I can’t wait to see the content she creates, because you can just tell how much work she puts into her content.


So what’s about you? Do you watch any beauty youtubers? Who are your favorites? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear it!

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