Brands I’ll Never Buy From

So for today’s post, I’d like to talk about brands I’ll never buy from. Why? Most of the time it’s either price, the brand reputation or one-hit wonder brands that just aren’t doing it anymore. But for whatever reason, these are brands I won’t buy from.

Of course as a disclaimer: I may change my mind and try these brands. This is just based on my current feelings. You may think an expensive palette is worth it, but I might not. So keep that in mind while going through this post please! This is all for fun.

Charlotte Tilbury

A beautiful brand with a not-so-beautiful price tag, I can’t get behind their products.

The gold, luxury packaging is so pretty, but not $53 dollars for a tiny quad level-pretty. I can’t bash on the brand completely, I’ve heard good things about some of their products. I also know I’m definitely not their target audience, but wow, some of their products go over $100!

Natasha Denona*

I’m putting an asterisk next to this brand for two reasons: one, I heard their quality is amazing and two, the variety of options. For me personally, $55 is my rough limit when it comes to eye shadow, so her medium eye shadow palettes are just out of my range. But! I love that she does mini palettes.

$25 for 5 shades is a lot, but it’s much more manageable. I’d greatly consider getting her mini palettes if the quality is as amazing as everyone says. Her face palettes are somewhat reasonable as well if you consider your getting 4 products for $55. It’s not the worse pricing, but definitely think for a while before buying any of her products.


Another expensive brand I don’t often hear about, Dior’s marketing is… strange. I understand the beautiful luxury marketing because Charlotte Tilbury does it well, but this brand definitely has that over-priced, weird aesthetic that’s nothing special.

To put it bluntly, they look quite ugly in my opinion. The eye shadow palettes? The weirdly-shaped foundation just their name in white letters on it? Just seems strange. Not a brand on my radar, 100%.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I’ll make this short and sweet, but it’s a little obvious why I don’t want to support him.

But also, even years ago I hated his palettes. They looked so bulky and the color stories weren’t for me. Some of the color names made me uncomfortable, and the look of all the shades having different imprints looked so disorganized.

I heard the quality was good, but I could never get behind it even if I decided to detach the owner from the brand.

Too Faced

Probably a more controversial brand for this list, but for a while I really loved Too Faced. Their iconic palettes like the Chocolate bar and Sweet Peach and even later on some of their other palettes were amazing. But, learning about the shadiness of the brand and inconsistency, I can’t support.

The minute I have to watch reviews to see if a palette has the “good” or “bad” formula, I’m out. Of course, not all products can be hits, but when you have such severe inconsistency problems, it’s hard to want to buy from the brand no matter how cute the packaging was.

The mini palettes were so tempting, but once I heard about- you guessed it- inconsistency, it became a big pass.

Jaclyn Hill

Our second Youtube influencer on this list, I wanted to mention her for multiple reasons. One, I don’t feel very involved with her as a person and her content, so I’m not that interested. But also because her past track record.

Between bad launches, her disconnect with her audience and continuing to ignore past issues, it makes her brand not something I want to support. And as of recently, the lack of diverse shades in her nude lipstick line is another nail in the coffin.

You might be a hardcore fan, and if so, of course you buy whatever you want to buy. But for me personally, there’s better brands I can support with my money.

But, I’m keeping my eye out. She’s continuing to release products so I think the next year will be a crucial year for her. I don’t want to think negatively of her, so I’m hoping she’ll shape up.

Bonus: Makeup Products I’ll Never Buy

Mega Palettes

I’ve realized over time how mega palettes just don’t do it for me.

How often are you going to hit pan on a palette with 30 pans? Really, I would probably only use the same ten shades and that’s it, and maybe then would I hit pan on a couple shades.

I’ve also realized how I’d rather get two smaller palettes rather than one big one. Reason number one, for traveling and storage purposes, but two: I’ll appreciate the palettes more.

It sounds a little weird, but when you’re on a budget or on a low-buy, that new spark you feel towards products last longer. I’m more likely to feel excited for palettes I can buy somewhat frequently rather than one purchase for a long time.

I hope that made sense! The new palette honeymoon stage is a real thing.


So I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Remember not to take this too seriously, it’s my opinions as a consumer. I’m also going to link Smokey Glow’s channel in case you might want to learn more about why I agree with her on a lot of things. She’s a beauty youtuber who does more analytic content about the beauty industry which I love. She’s a big inspiration so I thought I’d link her.

Of course, I don’t have her exact opinions and this is not a duplicate version of her thoughts, these are all my own opinions. But, it can give you insight on brands and brand history.

But what about you? What are some brands completely off your radar? What’s your spending limit?

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