First Impressions: Milani

So for today, I’m starting a new series called First Impressions where I browse the website, checking out some products and see what might be interesting. Kinda like a purchase or pass post, but with only one brand!

I’m starting with Milani because it’s a brand I hear buzz about all the time enough to know by name, but not enough to know a lot about the brand. So, let’s check out their site!

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Best Sellers

45 Shades

Already under the best sellers tab I recognize some products. There’s Conceal and Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer, a product I’ve seen around. It comes in 45 shades, and for the most part has good reviews other than bad shade recommendation.

The Color Fetish lipstick isn’t one I’ve heard a lot about, but looks beautiful. First impressions, the base packaging is a pretty geometric textured pattern and the color selection is nice. It’s described as a medium coverage lipstick that feels like a lip balm and delivers high shine. It doesn’t look super long-wearing, but very pretty!

They also have their Baked Blush- a classic with a pretty decent amount of shades. Also, there Make it Last Setting Spray is popular and comes in original, matte and dewy.

New Arrivals

Comes in 2 Version: light and dark

Their All-Inclusive Eye, Cheek and Face Palette is a new release that caught my eye. I’m always on the lookout for a mini palette that can do it all for traveling if I need to! Although it’s new, I heard mixed reviews. It’s hard to perfectly get a full-face palette, but some complain the shades are too soft. It comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/dark.

Another new Milani product is apart of their new skincare line. The Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint is supposed to well, brighten under eyes. It uses ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and caffeine. First impression: no complains so far!


Super Charged Line

If you like fruity skincare, Milani’s got you covered. They have cherry, avocado, blueberry and more lines featuring fruit.

Their Cherry Sugar Lip Scrub is simple yet pretty- but it also reminds me of a cherry slushy from the promo photos! Not much to note, but if you don’t like the cherry flavor/scent, the scrub comes in a rose variant as well.

If you like peaches instead, they have a Moisturizing Lip Tint with a orange-red color. It’s described as very moisturizing and the cap comes covered in cute little peaches!

Their more “serious” skincare products like moisturizers, cleansers and serums make me a little concerned. Their Green Goddess Sleeping Mask and Primer has a high amount of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, but also a bunch of essential oils.

The same goes with their Hydrating Glow Drops, they have coconut oil so if it irritates your skin, try a different product. The Blueberry Gel Cleanser even has fragrance higher than blueberry fruit extract! Definitely read the ingredient lists!

My Wishlist

For me, I’d like to try their foundation/concealer, high shine lipstick, and under eye tint. Some of their skincare is neat such as their lip scrubs and masks, but I don’t think I’d buy any of my main skincare steps for Milani.

Otherwise, their products are pretty highly rated! I can’t wait to try them in the future and give them a more proper review.


So what do you think? Have you tried Milani? What’s your favorite product for them? Any duds? Let me know!