Elf Update: Marshmallow Blender

So in my recent Elf haul, I got my first makeup sponge! Of course, I’ve had other sponges in the past, but they’ve always been cheap and it was back when I didn’t know how to do makeup.

So, I decided to give sponges another try again after splurging on my Elf order.

Elf’s Claims

So what does it claim? It’s a multi-use beauty sponge made for flawless blending.

  • Latex-free
  • Angled sides for an illuminating highlight
  • Rounded side for a flawless complexion
  • The precision point is perfect for concealer
  • Works with liquid or powder products

First Impressions

I liked how soft the sponge felt. It’s fairly firm but has a pretty good bounce to it when it’s wet. I tried it dry and it works fine, but I definitely see why people like it damp. It blended my products really well.

I used it mainly for my concealer because with a brush, it looks really cakey under my eyes . It worked efficiently, but I was surprised how quickly it can blend! The only issue is that it’s hard to blend near the inner corner of my eye and my nose since the sponge is a little big.

I also used this with my blush and contour and it works pretty well. It’s nice to use the rounder sides to blend out any excess product, and touch up with color on the flat side.

Not the biggest fan of using this with a translucent powder, the sponge absorbs a lot and it’s hard to tell where the product was applied or if it was blended well. It’ll stick to a fluffy brush.

Overall thoughts

It’s a good sponge! Granted, I feel like many sponges are the same so I’d recommend watching/reading some reviews. If it’s pretty positive, then it’ll probably work.

But, I can say mine came with a small chip on the flat side of the sponge. It’s pretty small so it actually took me a day or two to notice, but it’s small and hasn’t caused the sponge to fall apart or anything. I’ll update this post if it happens to fall apart quickly.

You’ll either love or hate the white color though. It shows every inch of product, but it’s so satisfying to clean if you can keep it managed!

I’ve used it several times at this point with a tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, and contour, and there’s only a faint staining of the concealer. Not that bad!

Overall, I’ll recommend it!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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