Top 7 Best Cream Blushes

In today’s post, I’m going to rank the best cream blushes! As this trend keeps increasing, more and more brands continue to release their own versions. So, which is the best?

Cover Girl Clean Fresh Cream Blush

This is a very pigmented blush that comes in four shades, but only two of them are at Ulta.

The finish of these are beautiful and quite shiny, but be aware that they don’t match the color on the packaging very well. The shade sweet innocence is actually a lot softer and a little more on the neutral pink side.

It also claims to have hyaluronic acid if you are interest in some skincare benefits.

It dries quickly, so apply on one cheek at a time and you’ll be good. Although the finish is nice, it comes with a lot of gimmicks to work around.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Stick Blush

Shade: Floral Majority

As an older product, I’ve read a lot of good reviews but rarely see this blush on Youtube. It comes in 3 shades, but beware their shade selection isn’t great, and would probably work on medium skin tones at the most.

Otherwise, it’s buildable and blendable. It’s somewhat dewy, but not super shiny or anything like that. The finish is so pretty and a little subtle, but can really be build up.

A nice soft option with buildable coverage, it could be a good option if you have lighter skin.

Elf Cream Blush Palette

Shade: Soft

Although this doesn’t look like much, the picture doesn’t do it justice. This Elf palette comes in two shades soft and bold, soft being a more neutral-pink tone and bold having more vibrant colors.

For $8, you are getting 4 shades as well as a big mirror and a sleek design. The color bold works very well for dark skin tones, including berry and red tones.

Also note, especially for the darker shades, go in with a light hand as they are super pigmented. A cute older product, but a good choice if you want pigmented colors with a couple options for less than ten dollars.

Milani Cheek Kiss Blush

The first liquid blush on this list, the Cheek Kiss liquid blush comes in six shades. Although the shades look very dark, they sheer out to a softer color.

If you don’t mind some blending, this could be a good option. You really control how you want this to look either by making it soft, sheer and glowy or more pigmented and darker.

Not a fan of a “liquid” blush? They also have a cream blush if you prefer something more solid instead of a tube!

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops

Shade: Pinched

A little more on the sheer but still buildable side, this color drop blush comes in 5-6 shades depending on the site. If you are in the market for a soft brown blush, the shade cinnamon is gorgeous.

This formula is also thinner and could be considered a cream, but it fits the bill more for a liquid blush. I’ve seen this occasionally online with influencers, but the majority of reviews rave about this blush and it’s beautiful color.

I love their shade range: from soft browns to neutral pinks and darker berry tones that work for darker skin types.

Nyx Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint

Our only matte cream blush on this list! This blush almost looks like a liquid lipstick with it’s doe-foot applicator and packaging.

This blush also comes in six shades, including a bright red-orange. Because it’s matte you might think it’s drying, but quite the opposite, it’s very moussey texture that has a very small amount of sheen.

This would work very well for anyone with oily skin, or who like a matte blush but like the creamy texture.

Elf Putty Blush

Shade: Bahamas

My Favorite on this list, the Elf Putty Blush comes in 5 shades, including the shade named Caribbean which is a darker red-toned color.

It takes some getting used to as it’s a cream in a pot and like all the other blushes, can apply differnetly depending on your order of makeup.

But, overall it’s my favorite. The colors are light and buildable if applied correctly, and it dries down like a powder.


So what is your favorite cream/ liquid blush? Or, do you think the trend is overrated? Let me know what you think!