NEW Makeup Releases: April

Another new month and new makeup! Including: of course more Colourpop, collaborations, hard fails and some just “mehs.”

Grab some coffee and a snack because this is a long post! Feel free to scroll to a brand you love.

Brands Included: Colourpop, Elf, Melt, Anastasia, Nyx, Wet n’ Wild, Sigma Beauty

Colourpop X Lizzie McGuire Collection

At the end of March, Colourpop released this Disney collection for all the 90s kids. Inever watched the show, I was born a couple of years too late it seems, but I think I’ve watched an episode or two.

The palette is pretty, not exactly pastel but muted colors that look very nicely together, with a pop of lime green which is pretty unusual for Colourpop.

The blushes are same two shades they always have: a cool-toned lighter pink and a slightly deeper pink.

The lip glosses have chunky glitters, so be aware of that! Nothing else stood out to me, the glitters are nice but how make times do you need face glitter?

Personally this is a pass, but if you are a Lizzie McGuire fan, I can see why you’d like this collection.

Nyx Cosmetics X Tetris

Another late-March release, this palette is… something. Makeup trends over the last couple of months have moved to mini eye shadow palettes, so the choice to do a jumbo palette is a little bizarre.

It also doesn’t look cohesive at all. Where is the color story? Really disappointed as I love video game collabs like Pacman from Wet n’ Wild and Animal Crossing from Colourpop. So much potential!

I would consider getting a gloss kit but since it has no Tetris theming, it’s a big pass.

I was seriously considering buying this palette, but considering I have their Bite-Size Mini in the shade Cream and Sugar, as well as their bronzer and highlighter, so I really don’t need this.

It’s very tempting though.

Nothing else from the collection looks too interesting. The setting mist is coconut scented which is my favorite scent, but I’m always wary of coconut oil.

Otherwise, a fairly pretty standard collection. Not sure who Jen is, but this is a nice collab albeit a little simple. I’ll maybe consider checking it out since I love Elf, but I’m interested in more.

Melt Cosmetic’s The Mary Jane Collection

The palette is really pretty, with cooler toned browns and silvers. What I really like about this palette is that it’s cool toned, but not super grey-toned, as they can look super muddy from a distance.

The cannabis route for inspiration is interesting, and I’m only mildly surprise a brand would go for a cannabis theming at this point.

Not sure what the obsession with brands and thick glitters. I never see anyone wearing them, besides Instagram. Although, I would absolutely love if an everyday thick glitter highlighter became a thing!

A pass, but the minute Melt comes out with a pinky-mauve palette I’ll become real interested!

Wet n’ Wild X Spongebob Collection

An already wildly positive collection, this new Wet n’ Wild collab comes with a bunch of new products. I have to say they did amazing with the theming!

It comes with a eye shadow palette, several different sponges, sponge case, cleansing pads, brush cleaner, highlighter, brushes and more! It’s a big collection, and it’s available at several different retailers.

I’m personally interested in the sponge case since I don’t think I’ve heard of one before, and I’m not sure if it’ll actually be practical or just nice to look at. I’m also in the market for a brush cleaner, so I’m likely going to pick that up.

I’m interested to see how good the sponges are and if they keep their designs, and the quality of the shadows since they can be hit or miss.

Colourpop Act Natural Mascara

This new, beautiful mascara rivals their old BFF mascara, which got some mixed reviews from the community. But it seems this mascara will be more natural and clump-free, which has me super intrigued.

I have long, thick lashes myself so although they look nice without mascara, the majority of mascara clump and turn spider-like real fast. I love mascaras that are clump-free and more natural. Hopefully it’s a drier formula and they got me.

After seeing some reviews, I’ll consider picking this up.

Sigma Beauty Cor-De-Rosa Blush Palette

Sigma beauty is a brand I barely heard about before following Samantha March. It’s so interesting to hear popular brands that fly under your radar because of who you’re subscribed to!

The blushes look really pretty and although the price tag is high, you are getting six blushes with two different types of formulas. The rose is also really pretty as well.

I’m not in the market for new blush, at least not powder, because I own a couple of Colourpop’s blushes, but I thought I’d mention it for those who are. It’s a pass, but I absolutely love the colors!

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Makeup Wipes

It’s been a crazy ride seeing people roast these makeup removing wipes. I just want to know who’s idea this was? Maybe professional makeup artists still use them, but the general pubic doesn’t anymore.

I’ve included this product not because I wanted it, but rather open the discussion: what’s up with Anastasia these days? I remember when people used to rave about their eyeshadow palettes, but as of late it’s all negative press about their new releases.

Although they tried to make it skin-friendly, makeup wipes are on a downwards trend. On Google Trends, a site I use on occasion to see what’s trending, the related questions are all negative: is it bad for your skin? is it bad for the environment? Makeup wipe alternatives?

A very confusing launch to say the least.

Duo Entry: Colourpop Matte/Metallic Color Stixs and Eyeshadow Quads

Had to do a double entry because Colourpop has been trickling out new releases all month! If they keep this up, I might have to create a new releases post just for Colourpop alone.

Quick opinions: the metallic color stixs which were introduced in the Limoncello collection are now in singles and bundles. I like the metallic ones, but I’m not a fan of their matte cousins.

The quads are pretty and come in clear plastic packaging with decent-sized pans. The color stories are really neutral, and are best for travelers or people who use limited shades. I particularly like Sorbet and Creamsicle, but I can them for what they are: pretty basic too.

I recommend looking up some comparisons, these shades have a lot of dupes.

I might consider picking up one or two shades of the metallic color stixs, but that’s about it. I’d rather wait and see what their next collection is before grabbing the quads.

More 5-Pans from Colourpop

Okay, I’m going to have to make a separate post for Colourpop for now on- noted.

I’m not too sure why, but I hate the 5-pans in general. The shape, the colors they chose and even the previous 5-pan launches has me shrugging. The packaging is not that cute, and it’s just very meh to me. A pass!

There five pans are my least favorite, but I might look into picking up one of their quads if I have the extra spending money!


Phew! We covered a lot this month! I’ll probably so separate posts for Colourpop for now on, considering this most is 70% Colourpop, but I do love the brand.

But what about you? Have you tried anything on this list, or loved an older product by these brands? Let me know!

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