60+ Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

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  1. Best of (brand)
  2. 5/10 Minute makeup routine
  3. Hauls/ first impressions
  4. New makeup releases
  5. Best cruelty-free brands
  6. Beginner makeup
  7. What’s in my makeup bag
  8. Best travel makeup
  9. Seasonal makeup looks
  10. Monthly empties
  11. High end products worth the splurge
  12. Best makeup under $10
  13. Makeup storage ideas
  14. Makeup wishlist
  15. Drugstore dupes
  16. How to save money on makeup
  17. Makeup product reviews
  18. Comparisons
  19. Natural look tutorial
  20. Trending makeup products
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  1. My skincare routine
  2. Three types of moisturizers
  3. Chemical v.s physical exfoliation
  4. The best products to fight acne
  5. Seasonal skincare
  6. Skincare brand review
  7. Cruelty-free skincare
  8. Self-care night ideas
  9. Skincare essentials
  10. Skincare ingredient analysis
  11. Best of (brand)
  12. Best skincare for lazy college students
  13. Why you should double cleanse
  14. Best skincare for dry/oily skin
  15. Best body lotions/creams
  16. Dollar store skincare
  17. Gift sets around the holidays
  18. Best sheet masks
  19. A complete guide to (skincare ingredient)
  20. How to layer and mix skincare
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  1. Morning/night routines
  2. How to deal with anxiety/depression
  3. College studying tips
  4. Why you should goal plan
  5. How to stay organized
  6. Quick breakfast ideas for college students
  7. Quick lunch ideas
  8. Favorite phone apps
  9. Productive day in the life
  10. How to style basics and statement pieces
  11. Ultimate guide to beginner gardening
  12. Fiance 101 for new adults
  13. Best places to get home decor
  14. Why you should bullet journal (and why you shouldn’t )
  15. How to become a morning person
  16. Amazon finds
  17. Productive daily routine
  18. Favorite monthly songs
  19. How to spring clean your closet
  20. Travel inspiration


So here’s 60 blog posts ideas! I hope you guys found something new to write about, and let me know what inspired you!

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