Best Shampoo for Oily Hair

This month I decided to try a new shampoo since my old one wasn’t cutting it anymore. So for today’s post, I’ve reviewing Aveeno’s Apple Cider Vinegar Clarity and Shine shampoo.

It claims to be soothing, clarifying and balancing. It’s first ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, an ingredient I love to use on my face, as well as Vinegar as it’s fifth ingredient. It promises a lot, but what does it deliver?

Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Blend Shampoo

First Impressions

The bottle is just over 12 ounces, so it comes with a decent amount of product. I was a little worried about the smell, because although I don’t mind the smell of apple cider, but I wouldn’t want my hair to smell like it. Thankfully, it smells like slightly sweet apples, and it’s noticeable but not very strong.

I love how easily this product spreads in the shower how a little actually covers a lot. It definitely gives your hair a clean feeling right afterwards.

I noticed a very small amount of tingling after washing, and a some people had complained about burning but I just felt a small tingling sensation that went away quickly. I never felt it again after the first time I used it.

It’s almost gel-like consistency, but a bit more movable like a thick liquid.


I noticed really quickly that my hair felt super soft and had a slight shine to it. Usually, that makes me a little nervous because it might be too moisturizing, but no!

It cleaned my hair very well, and I was able to extend my shampooing schedule an extra day or two, while also having softer and stronger hair. I never noticed how stripping my past shampoo was, my ends felt dry but my roots were glossy with greasy after only a day or two.

Overall, it’s a really pleasant shampoo. Not too stripping, but leaves my hair clean and soft. Highly recommend.

Bonus: Dollar Store Hair Mask

I always peek around at the skincare and hair care section because sometimes they have great name brands. Other times, I want to try something new.

Bolero is a dollar store brand that I can’t find much about, but I see some reviews of their products online. I’d highly recommend reading the ingredient lists because a lot of their products have a ton of fragrance.

I really wouldn’t recommend any of their skincare, it’s more fragrance than actual ingredients.

But, I picked up this Bolero Almond Milk and Agave Super Strengthening hair mask. First off, it smells and feels really good. The texture is nice and I use about two fingertips worth of product on the ends of my hair.

It makes my hair soft and feels hydrating, but not enough to be greasy. Do I feel like it’s actually strengthening my hair? No, but for a cheap mask that smells nice and makes my hair soft, it’s a dollar well spent.

1 Month Later Update

They both work really well! I love this shampoo because I can extend days between washing and the hair mask makes my hair soft and smells really good for days.

I’m still very much loving both!


So what about you? Do you have oily or dry hair? Have you ever tried a dollar store hair mask? Let me know!