Hyram X Inkey List Changemaker Kit: Salicylic Acid Cleanser

So I got the new Changemaker kit!

I’m going to review each product one by one and link the rest once they are posted. But for now, I’m reviewing the facial cleanser.

First Impressions

First off, can I tell you how quickly this got to me? It only took two days! I was shocked when it arrived, since normally it takes around 5-7 days before something arrives. So yes, it was very fast shipping for me!

I was really excited for this cleanser! I already have a salicylic acid cleanser I love, but this one is four times as strong at 2 percent.

The packaging is nice and basic, almost sleek in a way with black accents. I love how the bottle tells you essential information so you can use the products correctly. But, things started going down hill fast after I used this.

I hate the texture of this cleanser.

It threw me for a loop when I noticed the gel-like consistency. It took some rubbing before warming up into a soft lather, but even the feeling of the cleanser felt so off. It’s more of a “me” thing, but I really don’t enjoy the thick texture.

The smell is okay. It’s fragrance free which is nice, but it has a slight sunscreen-type smell to it which is pretty common. Every time I applied it, I felt no harsh stinging or burning.

First Use

After the first use, my skin felt a little tingly. I wasn’t too surprised considering the level of salicylic acid in it, and it didn’t burn at all. It made my face soft and didn’t feel tight, but my skin felt like… well, my skin.

I noticed afterwards my skin broke out a little. I was surprised since I usually don’t get big, under-the-skin bumps, and that’s what my skin was like after.

I figured this was due to purging- where your skin gets worse as your body gets rid of all the dead skin and oiliness. So, I continued to use this product.

After Three More Usages

I continued to apply this product at night before I went to bed, and I just wasn’t impressed. It either did nothing to help my acne, or worse, it made me break out.

There was some improvements by day three, but I could get major improvements overnight with my Aveeno salicylic acid cleanser- at only 0.5%! So, what gives?

My Conclusions

A few different things might have happened.

Maybe this is just an okay product that was overhyped and I got my hopes too high.

Or, it could have made my skin worse be because of the rapid weather changes right now. In a span of four days it went from snowing to 70 degrees so my skin could just be freaking out.

I don’t think it was purging because it was taking too long. After four nights of consistent use, I should have seen something. Even if my skin was having an episode, it could have treated it at such a high percentage.

So for the meantime, I’m stepping back from this product. I’ll try this again in a few weeks or months once my skin goes back to normal.

I’m super disappointed, but I’m hopeful to try the next products in the line. Spoiler alert: there’s one product I’m loving!

Links to the other products: Coming soon