Using Pinterest as a Beauty Blogger: Tips and Tricks For Beginners

For the month of April, I decided to change my Pinterest plans: posting three times a week instead of two and playing around more with Pinterest. After some reading, I decided to test out some tips to bring more traffic to Pinterest, and my blog respectfully.

So for this post, I’m going to talk about some tips I’ve learned.

Tip #1: Keywords and Titles

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I’ve been running this blog for a solid two three months now and I’m quickly learning which posts gains the most views and why.

Having keywords in the title, headings and sprinkled throughout the post are good ways to attract attention. For example, I use trending beauty words or topics: natural makeup, cream blushes, liquid blushes, no-makeup makeup look, etc. at the time of making this post.

Pinterest follows similar rules: keywords in the title are the most important!

Google Trends is a free, nice way to balance popular brands and brands you may love, but don’t get the attention they deserve. It’s also interesting to see brands skyrocket like Maybelline did when the Sky High mascara came out. It’ll give you better ideas what to blog about.

Pinterest’s own trend system works well too.

Tip #2: Graphics/ Photos

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If you look at my first graphic pins, you can instantly tell I’ve changed my style and morphed quickly. I personally liked to stick to 2-3 fonts and use some stock photos, or create my own images with edited products to create infographic-type posts.

I like to use Canva’s free photos, but also Pexels and other sites if I need more specific images.

But, a lot of my graphics are used by taking products off their company websites, making the background transparent and adding them to a single pin. I love the look and it’s a very popular graphic style in the community.

Speaking of community, look at other people’s posts! Ask yourself what you like about their style, color palette, fonts and more to get a feel for your own style.

Etsy and individual websites often offer beauty blogger templates for Canva and Pinterest if you dig a little to find them all!

Tip #3: Group Boards

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A tip I continued to find over and over again: group boards are classics. Some argue that they aren’t effective anymore, but my own blog has increased traffic and impressions after joining.

The one frustrating thing is that it can be hard to find active or boards willing to let in new people. I requested to join maybe around 10 different boards and only got accepted into 2, so keep trying!

Or, create your own group board! It’s a lot harder to get traffic as most people want established boards with hundreds of followers already. But it’s rewarding and a nice bonus: you’re in control of it!

See my own group board here for inspiration.

Tip #4: Post Twice (Or More!)

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The reason I decided to make this post was to track my progress with this tactic: posting more frequently. Up until this point, I only posted one pin per blog post, and very occasionally extra blog photos.

For the month of April, I posted twice: one new pin and a redesigned old pin three times a week. I’ll admit it’s extra effort, but the more Canva designs I create, the easier and more efficiently I become.

You can also make quotes, info-graphics or alternate designs as new posts too. The more the merrier. Just don’t get too repetitive, it makes you look lazy.

Tip #5: Using Boards Effectively

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When I started, I was very eager to make many boards in order to make myself look more established. Yeah, don’t do that.

My “filler” boards do nothing for my blog or traffic and just take up room. Instead, if you are new, just wait until you have enough content to create individual boards.

But also, try not to create boards that will only have one or two pins for months at a time. Try to find a middle- a makeup board may be too broad, but foundation reviews might be too niche for your blog to make a board effective.

Think: do you have any running series of posts such as monthly releases, review series, etc.? Those maybe the best boards but if your content is all over the place, go a little more broad.

Tip #6: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much?

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One tip I see argued back and forth is how many boards is too much. Some argued your page looked cluttered with 20+ boards- especially group boards- but others argue that nobody looks at your main page, just specific posts/boards.

A running theme you’ll find in this post applies here: find a middle. I personally don’t like too many group boards as it looks cluttered and you might lose yourself in updating ten boards every time you post.

But, boards are a great way to apply to specific niches and stacks opportunities for blog traffic, so find your own middle. What looks best to you? Are you able to handle so many boards every time you post?

Things to Keep In Mind

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Pinterest is different than many social medias like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Your pins last a long time and recirculate often. Your monthly views keep going up and steadily over time, gain a lot of impressions and interactions.

But, there’s also good times to post. I found my WordPress schedule worked very interestingly on Pinterest. My Pinterest impressions were always highest on Thursdays, small spikes on Saturdays, and were really low on Tuesdays. So keep that in mind when you post!

April Stats

Beginning of April:

  • Pinterest: 3 followers, 1.8k impressions, engaged audience: 7
  • WordPress: 14 followers, average views per post: 3

End of April:

  • Pinterest: 9 followers, 4k impressions, engaged audience: 13
  • WordPress: 24 followers, average views per post: 3


Of course, I’m still a beginner myself but I’m quickly learning the ropes! Pinterest is such a popular way to gain blog traffic, especially in the beauty community. I’ve heard so many people say their main traffic comes from Pinterest!

Also, I’d like to mention this post was inspired by KatieEmmaBeauty’s post about Pinterest, so I’ll link that here as well!

So, how did you like this post? Do you want me to post more blog-related tips? Let me know!

13 thoughts on “Using Pinterest as a Beauty Blogger: Tips and Tricks For Beginners

    1. Thank you! I love Pinterest, and if you use a Pinterest scheduler it becomes an easy part of your routine. Of course, it depends on the niche but Pinterest can be very useful!


  1. This is a very helpful post! I’ve never thought about re-posting older pins which have been slight re-formatted! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hadn’t either until I saw other people on Pinterest doing it! I think it’s really smart, especially with viral pins you can make them easily go viral again. Thanks for stopping by! x


  2. I’m trying to get back into using Pinterest again so this is definitely a helpful post! It’s nice seeing how your followers, impressions & engagement changed & hopefully May will be an even better month!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Also, don’t be discoured this month if your impressions go down. Pinterest is in the middle of changing their analytics system so a lot of people have been experiencing dips in their impression! Thanks for commenting x

      Liked by 1 person

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