Hyram X Inkey List Changemaker Kit: Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment

Another review of the Changemaker kit, this time the Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment.

I actually tried the Q10 product first, but my skin was freaking out so I had to take a break. I have a feeling it might have been my skin being overwhelmed by all the new products, but just in case I decided to jump to this product instead.

So, first off, what even is tranexamic acid?


So tranexamic acid actually has a lot of oral benefits, but of course for this post I’m sticking to skincare benefits. It’s a newer ingredient for being used topically, but it’s known for reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

It’s also a great ingredient to use with other skin brightening ingredients like kojic acid, niacinamide, alpha arbutin, acai berry and so on.

For this treatment specifically, it has 2% tranexamic acid as well as 2% acai berry extract helps to promote even skin tone. Also, it has 2% Vitamin C derivative helps to brighten skin tone. It’s a great combination of actives to make your skin clear and bright.

First Impressions

The bottle comes with 1 fluid ounce and it comes with a pump. I was actually surprised how hard to was to warm up and move around. I learned quickly to do small portions of my face, which is no big deal.

It’s also incredibly sticky and tacky for the first full minute. Once it dries down, it’s very soft and skin-like, the tackiness goes away.

This isn’t a product you’ll notice immediate results, but it didn’t irritate my skin and actually calmed down my acne marks. I do believe it spend up the recovery of a few pimps I had on my temple.

Otherwise, no very noticeable affects. This type of acid can take weeks to see results, it’s really a long term product.

Further Use

My experience over the last week and a half has been about the same.

It feels nice and will hopefully help my acne scarring and hyperpigmentation over time. But for now, I’m content with using this nightly.

Another to note, it’s a night treatment because of the ingredients like Vitamin C can be very sensitizing and make you more susceptible to sun damage. It recommends using it at night and washing it off in the morning to avoid damage.


I would recommend this product! It’s easy to work with once you get over a few bumps and it feels nice on the skin. It’s a very non-irritating ingredient, and overtime, you’ll likely get really good results.

It’s also very affordable! You can’t go wrong.

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