J.C. Penny Haul: Closing Sale

My local J.C Penny was having a closing sale, so I ended up picking a few things up.

I haven’t talked much about fashion on this blog, so you can get a sneak peek with this new post. My style is ever evolving, and I’m still in the process of morphing, so I decided to pick up some basics.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

As disclaimer: the way they model the clothes is kinda awful. They look really basic and unflattering, but trust me, if you work with the sizes you can get a good look. For example, I size down for fitted t-shirts and size up on sweatshirts and it makes a world of difference!

Also to note: I ended up making 2 trips! The sale was just that good.

Arizona Juniors Womens Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt (white and black)

Size: x-small

These t-shirts are basic, but I wanted some nice staples! I got them in extra small so they’ll be a little short and fitted. The white shirt is a little see-through, but if you wore a jacket it would be okay. Still trying to find the perfect white shirt.

I think it would be good to layer, but the black version could be good with some more colorful pants. I can imagine myself wearing them with some of the shorts I own, they’re really versatile pieces.

I got the size x-small. It looks so loose on the model than how it appears on me.

Flirtitude Juniors-Women’s Round Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Size: medium

This light green long sleeve shirt is really cute! It’s thin, so if you wear lace or anything textured underneath, it shows but it’s not super distracting. It’s extremely soft and it fits very nicely!

I love that it’s a little cropped by still also goes long enough and the sleeves bunch up at the ends. I was probably the most disappointed in this the most because it’s see-through but it’s super soft and cozy if you work around it!

I got the size medium, which fit me ever so slightly oversized.

Flirtitude Juniors Womens Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Size: medium and x-small

The sweatshirt is the star of this haul. I absolutely love this!

I love the half zipper with the circle ring and the soft grey color. But I especially love the fit, it’s oversized but cropped which is surprisingly hard to find at J.C Penny. A lot of their cuts are very basic, so I was happy to find this one.

It fits very boxy, but because it’s overized and cropped, it looks very intentional and trendy. The sleeves bunch up so I can either roll them up or leave them really long. I’m so excited to wear this, probably with a pair of skinny black jeans. I can see this looking great with ripped jeans.

I got this in the size medium, but it’s already oversized. I also got this in a size x-small, which fits a little snugger on my second trip since that was the only one left.

a.n.a Womens Mid Rise Jegging in Ultra Black (Petite Short)

Size: 8 in Petites

As my staple pair of jeans, I couldn’t resist not to pick up another pair. I know mom jeans are trendy, but I can’t for the life of me wear non-skinny pants. I have a feeling I’ll really hate it, so I stuck my usual pair.

They look like leggings, but give me the thickness of normal jeans which I really love. They’re also really durable, I’ve never had issues with tearing, ripping or anything like that. The only issue I have is that’s a little loose at the top and tends to slip down just a little.

I wear the size 8 in petites, and I got two pairs.

Arizona Womens Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top-Juniors

Size: medium

I’m not sure if this is exactly right, but it’s pretty similar: I got a orange, long sleeve shirt with slightly ribbed texture.

It’s surprisingly small. It covers just before my wrists and is almost skin-tight around my arms and torso. It’s cropped which is really nice, but a smidgen too short for my liking. I’d have to buy higher waisted jeans in order to wear it comfortably.

I got this in the size medium, really glad I didn’t size down.

Flirtitude Juniors Womens Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Size: large

Yes, I had to get another version of the previous grey sweatshirt. I’ve been actively searching for a really good, cropped hoodie and I think I found the perfect one.

I used a switching method when I bought this: getting rid of a hoodie I didn’t like as much and swapping it with this one. I try to use the swapping method when buying new clothes I already own a version of. That way, my closet won’t get out of hand!

I got this in the size large, because that was the smallest one they had left by the second run.

Rampage Backpack Purse

This is a purse by the brand Rampage that comes in a pretty dark plum color. The lighting washes it out a little, but it’s a bit darker in person.

You could call it a mini bag. It’s a little smaller than my last purse, but not too small where I can’t fit anything. My sunglasses, wallet, hand sanitizer, pens, phone, mask and a few other little things fit perfectly fine.

I couldn’t find this bag online, some of the things in-person at J.C Penny aren’t online, including this purse. But, I love this bag so far!


So that was the majority of my haul! I picked up a few other things like socks and hair ties, but nothing worth noting.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment on what you liked best!