Best of Colourpop: Ultimate Colourpop Guide

When you first look at Colourpop’s website, it can be extremely overwhelming. Whatever kind of makeup product you can imagine, they have it in every texture, shape and shade, so it can get overwhelming fast.

So in today’s post, I’d like to create an ultimate Colourpop guide for whenever you make your next purchase, you know what you’re buying!

Source: Colourpop’s Pinterest

Table of Contents:

  1. Eyeshadow Palettes
  2. Colour Shadow Srixs
  3. Mascaras/Falsies/Eyeliners
  4. Brows
  5. Liquid Lips
  6. Lip Glosses
  7. Lippie Stix
  8. Lux Lipsticks
  9. Lip Tints
  10. Lippie Pencils
  11. Foundations/ Tinted Moisturizers
  12. Concealer/ Face Powders
  13. Primer/ Setting Sprays
  14. Highlighters
  15. Blush/ Bronzers
  16. Freckle Pen/ Face Stamps
  17. Makeup Tools and Brushes
  18. Build Your Own

Eyeshadow Palettes

Source: Colourpop’s Pinterest

The most iconic part of Colourpop is their eyeshadow palettes.

They come in 4, 5, 9, 12, 18 and 30 pans, with 9 and 12 being the most common sizes historically. Recently, the 4 and 5 pan palettes have been introduced so there’s plenty of sizes to chose from.

They have several shade types as well: matte, matte with glitter, metallic, pressed glitter, super shock (soft, highlighter-esque formula) and duo-chromes.

The majority of Colourpop’s formula is the same, but I’d recommend these palettes: Blush Crush, Limoncello, Off Melrose, and Making Mauves.

Colourpop also has less popular single shadows: press powdered shadows, jelly much shadows, creme shadows, and the classic super shock shadows. They don’t get as much time to shine as their palettes counter-parts.

You can also make your own palettes too, but be warned the majority of single shades are out of stock often. It doesn’t seem to be moderated well.

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Colour Shadow Stixs

Source: Colourpop’s Pinterest

A newer part of their collection, they came out with eyeshadow Colour Stixs. It comes in a decent amount of shades despite just releasing and comes in metallic and matte versions so there’s something for everyone.

Mascara/ Falsies/Eyeliner

They have a decent selection of falsies, ranging from soft to dramatic, although I don’t hear much about them.

They have two lines of mascara: their brand new Act Natural mascara for a more softer look and their BFF mascara for a more dramatic look. The BFF mascaras also come in a rainbow of colors with varying degrees of success but a fun choice nonetheless.

Their eyeliners come in three main styles: liquid liners, creme gel liners and creme gel color in pots. The creme liners could be a good option for those who aren’t good at liquid liner, but the liquid liners do come in more colors.


Another updated and fresh release: the eyebrow department finally got a resurgence.

They came out with a new brow wax and spoolie kit, as well as the waxes on their own. They also have their Brow Boss pencils and Brow Boss gels if you prefer that style as well.

Wasn’t kidding: they really got every version of product out there.

Liquid Lips

For their liquid lips, they have these varieties: Lux Liquid Lip, Ultra Matte Lip and Ultra Blotted Lip.

Their Lux Liquid Lip is probably their most trendy at the moment. It’s matte, but not super matte or drying and contains hydrating ingredients. It’s also buildable, so you can have it softer, or more thick and bold.

Their Ultra Matte Lip is their more intense, full-coverage version of their Lux Liquid Lip. If you love the classic matte lip, this is your lipstick type.

The Ultra Blotted Lip is an interesting blend of the two previous: it’s very matte but has a thinner consistency and looks as if you applied lipstick and blotted it (as the name suggests!). It has mixed opinions: either you love it or you hate it.

Lip Gloss

Source: Colourpop’s Pinterest

Arguably the most popular lip choice at the moment, Colourpop has 4 types of glosses: their Lux Gloss, Ultra Glossy Lip, So Juicy Lip Plumping Gloss and Lux Lip Oil. Don’t worry! I’ll break it down for you!

Their Lux Gloss is a little thicker than the Lip Oil, but gives you a pretty sheer wash of color. Most shades will look the same on you, unless they’re particularly dark. They’re what I think of for a classic, thin gloss.

Their Ultra Glossy Lip is a thick gloss that you can feel on your lips. It can give you a serious amount of pigment and it comes with a brush applicator. This gloss might be too thick for you if you don’t like sticky, heavy glosses but provides great color.

If you like shiny, big lips, then the So Juicy line is your best bet. It comes in a classic tube and sometimes has glitter, but it’s also fairly thick and sticky. But, it’s sheer like the Lux Gloss and very noticeably shiny on the lips.

Finally, their Lux Lip Oil is the lightest and sheerest gloss. It adds just a tint to the lips like the Lux Gloss, but it’s thinner like an oil. A nice addition to your lip look if you just need a little shine on top!

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Lippie Stix

Finally, a product that only comes in one version. Colourpop’s Lippie Stix is a lipstick that comes in a little, well, stix. It’s twistable and gives you a pretty intense wash of color, but you can sheer it out a little with your finger.

It does come in different finishes: Matte, Matte X and Creme. I think for a hot minute, the Lippie Stixs were really popular, but they haven’t made a comeback in a while.

Lux Lipstick

Their Lux Lipsticks is a small collection that comes in creme, matte and blur finishes. I’m not sure if they’ve been updated in a while, but I do see a lot of awards from 2018 in their promo photos.

Pretty self-explanatory, the creme is a creamy, normal lipstick while the matte is more flat and bold. The blur lipstick is little the blotted lip, not the most matte but still decent color payoff.

Maybe they’ll update it again, but seeing as the trend is natural and glossy, it might be awhile.

Lip Tints

Source: Colourpop’s Pinterest

Another popular lip product at the moment, the lip tints sell out quickly. They’re a hybrid of a lipstick and a gloss: giving off decent color but not feeling like a gloss, but still being light. The line expands frequently, the Animal Crossing Collab being the newest.

It’s pretty much neutrals and reds, but there’s a lot of variety in between with several themed bundles or individual colors. Also to note they sometimes come in minis like the Animal Crossing collection, or full-sized.

Lippie Pencils

Another lip product that’s been hiding in the shades, their Lippie Pencils were very popular a few years ago. Since then, I don’t hear much about them.

They’re matte as well, and don’t come in any other finish. That’s probably because they’re intended to be used under lipstick, and come in a couple different neutral-to-red shades.

And that’s all for lips!


Colourpop has 3 different foundations: their No Filter Natural Matte, No Filter Foundation Stix and their Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Foundation.

Pretty self-explanatory, but the matte foundation is best for medium-to-full coverage looks, while their hydrating foundation is on the light-medium side.

Their foundation stix is pretty similar to their matte foundation, except you can use their stix to contour, highlight and conceal. Their website offers shades for these steps.

Not a fan of foundation? They have a Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer as well. I personally love this tinted moisturizer!

Concealer and Face Powder

They have two types of concealers: matte and creamy. Similarly to their foundations, their matte concealer is more full coverage while their creamy version is more medium coverage.

Colourpop is really not known for their face powders and I never hear anyone talking about them. Probably because their pressed setting powder is an older product of theirs, as well as their loose setting powder.

Primer and Setting Spray

Another quiet section, their primers and setting sprays hide under the radar. They have a matte and hydrating primer (noticing a theme here?) as well as a single matte setting mist.

Not much to talk about there.


Okay, back to the more popular categories! Highlighters are a big category, so strap yourselves in.

We have the (almost) newest edition to their highlighters, the Pixie Puff highlighters that came in the Bambi collection. On the flip side, their oldest (un-updated) highlighter is their Hydrating Illuminator, a liquid highlight in a bottle.

Their Super Shock highlighters are a classic. They’re almost creamy in texture, wet-looking, and come in little screw-on pots. Or sometimes they come in a bigger compact packaging.

They also have Light Stixs that’s a little on the older side, as well as their brand new cheek palettes that contain highlighters.

Blush and Bronzer

Source: Colourpop’s Pinterest

Another big category, their blushes and bronzers come in a lot of different packaging. As mentioned above, there’s the quad cheek palettes that comes with mostly blushes.

They also have their Super Shock blushes, which has been reduced a lot over the years, but they still have some left. Again, they come in a pot with a soft texture, but these can come in shimmers or matte varieties.

Their pressed blushes are pretty popular, and are usually the go-to blush formula for collabs. They vary in intensity: my Animal Crossing blush is fairly soft, but my blush from the Dark Blooms collection is very, very pigmented.

They also have their new Cheek Dew Serum blushes for a more skincare-like, liquid blush as well as their updated Blush Stixs.

Their bronzer section is surprisingly small. I never noticed until now that they are limited to a few single bronzers and a few from their coconut line a while back. Otherwise, that’s it for bronzers.

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Freckle Pen and Face Stamps

Colourpop does a few extra things that don’t fit into any other categories.

They have freckle pens to make fake faux freckles and face stamps in several shapes like hearts and moons. I don’t see much use for them, but it might be cute for parties and festivals.

Makeup Tools

Of course, they have things like brushes as sponges too. Their sponges and brushes comes individually or in small bundled sets. Otherwise, they have a storage cup, a couple types of skincare cooling globes, and scrunchies.

Build Your Own

Colourpop also does build your own palettes, which are less popular these days but still an option. They come in small and large pan options and you can do either eyeshadows, face products, or a mixture of both.

Although, a decent of shades are out of stock and they don’t restore often so be aware of that!

My Recommendations

Source: Colourpop’s Pinterest

So we finally reached the end! For a conclusion, I’m going to list out some of my favorite and most trendy products at the moment. See below: