What I’ve Learned After My First Three Months Of Blogging

My blog is still pretty new as I started in late January/early February, so I thought for today’s post, I’ll talk about what I learned so far!

Now it’s important to note this isn’t my first time blogging. I did some blogging for a couple months a few years back, but I decided I wanted a more “professional” topic. Still, the difference between my glorified fandom blogging and more career-focused SEO-optimized blogging is much different. I’ve learned a lot!


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One thing I quickly took advance of is scheduling EVERYTHING.

To the blog posts themselves to Pinterest captions for a post 2 weeks in advance, scheduling has been a tool I’ve been grateful for! For my blog, I like to have 6 posts (2 weeks) in advance with a few exceptions.

Posts like monthly makeup releases are updated throughout the month. I schedule the post, but continue to add on until the last few days of the week. But otherwise most of my topics don’t have time restrictions.

That’s why I like Twitter, is because I can schedule tweets through WordPress, but the rest is based on my own schedule and when I feel like scrolling through my feed. It’s a lot less structured and more interactive. Which, leads me to my next point.

Social Media

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A big one I have been learning in more detail is social media. Navigating social media could be it’s own extremely long post but I’ll run through this quickly.

I use Pinterest and Twitter mostly, which operate very differently. I was very excited to get into Instagram, but I realized the amount of work it would take probably won’t pay off since many blogger complain their blog traffic doesn’t increase with Instagram. I also don’t use Facebook because I’m aiming towards a younger generation of bloggers.

Pinterest is nice but very different than most social medias. But, I do find it works pretty well for my blog and it’s a nice way to connect to other bloggers easily.

Twitter is my newest endeavor and an interesting one at that. I have such a love/hate relationship with blog post comment threads. Although my blog interactions skyrocketed, I feel most people are only commenting because they’re obligated and not because they like my blog. Many blogger’s Twitters are 90% promoting their blog and 10% casual talking and interacting. I’m trying to keep my blog to a more 60% and 30% ratio.


Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

Yeah, actually, I haven’t learned much in this category.

But I’m slowly learning! I’m starting to understand what keywords to use, what phrases work better for the search engine and how I can incorporate keywords into titles and paragraphs.

This summer, I plan to take some digital marketing courses to help me not only with my blog, but also my career. So if you know any courses (especially free!) or freebies/e-books, let me know!

Networking/ Doing Business

This month, I’ve started to take monetization more into mind.

I’ve started to contact brands, and get contacted by brands. I’m starting to get interested in guest posting and creating my own e-books. I want to keep growing as a blogger.

There’s a lot of business aspects I’ve just barely dipped my toes into, but I’m so excited to learn more and see how people can do this for a living. This blog for me will always be a hobby and a way to explore and practice my career, but I love the idea of blogging as a side hustle.

Taking Breaks

I’ve also learned the importance of taking breaks. It’s so easily to scroll through your business Twitter before bed, or immediately check first thing in the morning to see how a blog post is doing. So, I’m trying to take breaks, but also work at appropriate times.

I personally work the most effectively and productively around 11 to 3pm. I’ve learned over time through education and blogging that early afternoons work best for me and my schedule. This way, I won’t end up working on a blog post super late.

Of course, I don’t always follow through (as I write this at 10pm) but, it’s important to realize the power of taking breaks and having productive windows.


So that’s a couple things I’ve learned so far from blogging! It’s kind of basic, but I feel like it would be nice for other beginner bloggers to see the progress I’ve made so far.

But mostly, it’s to show I still have a lot to learn, but I’m having fun along the way. Thanks for sticking around, and reading today’s post!