Monthly Makeup Releases: May

Another new month of makeup! The start of this month was a little slow, but it started to pick by the middle and ended with some great releases. Let’s see what’s new this month, shall we?


Decided to dedicate a section to Colourpop, seeing as they make up 70% of the products I mention in these posts.

If you are not interested, skip down a little and I’m have other brands to mention.

New Super Shock Shadow Shades

Colourpop decided to releases some more of their classic Super Shock Shadows. Over the years, they’ve been sneaked into new collections, but haven’t had a big spotlight release like this in a long time.

They have a really nice color section with a mixture of neutrals and bright colors. Although I don’t wear these shades, the shades Fruit Punch and UR My Sunshine are gorgeous, colorful shades.

I’m personally interested in the shades Ladybug and Sweet Tea, as I love my soft pinks. I might consider adding them to my cart if I’m already picking up an order.

Colourpop X Barbie Collab

The next new collection is a Barbie Malibu collaboration. When I first heard of this, I shrugged because I feel quite neutral about the Barbie theme. But, I do adore the packaging. The pinky-orange sunset design is absolutely my aesthetic.

Will I pick this up? Probably not, but I do like it. Light pinks, oranges and browns are totally up my ally. Yellow too, is a color I want to explore more, but I think I’ll pass for the meantime.

Colourpop So Very Lovely Collection

Another new collection from Colourpop (who’s surprised at this point how much Colourpop is on this list?) and it looks cute.

I’m very lukewarm about this collection. I like the gold and baby pink design, but not enough to run out and buy this collection. There’s Lippi Stixs

Fourth Ray Beauty Floral Body Milks

I actually haven’t tried any face or body milks from Colourpop, but the colors of these are just so cute. I’m very much not a floral person, which is ironic considering I’m an avid gardener, but the floral scent doesn’t do it for me.

A pass, but might be of interest of anyone who wants a light-weight, floral scented body lotion.

Fourth Ray Beauty So Radiant Brightening Eye Cream

Another Fourth Ray Beauty release, but this time one I’m much more interested in.

I don’t really believe in using eye creams, but it highly depends on the ingredients. Check to see the difference between a brand’s eye cream and moisturizer, because often it’s actually same ingredients but more money for an eye cream!

But, when brand come out with eye cream with things like vitamin c that brighten under eyes, I’m on board. I’m seriously considering getting this one!

Mac X Disney Cruella Collection

Let’s just sit here a minute and look at this Mac palette.

I have SO many questions. Why the colors? Why the weird placement of shades? Why the confusing squiggly art and bizarre packaging design? Also, finally: who’s still buying from Mac?

Wasn’t seriously considering buying this in the slightest, but I’m horribly confused on concept of this launch. The brushes are kinda cute with the split, but it’s a strange launch overall. I’d like to know what the company was thinking when they released this.

Maybelline Lip Lifter Gloss With Hyaluronic Acid

Okay, this is actually an older release, but it’s new on Ulta so I wanted to add it in.

I don’t hear a lot about Maybelline because I watch a lot of cruelty-free youtubers, but I’ve always loved this brand. Especially as of the last year or two, they’ve been killing it. Everything looks so cute, yet sleek.

If I see this gloss in my local stores, I think I might pick it up! I love the majority of shades because they’re soft pink, so I’m curious to see how these are. Oh, and I like that they’re hydrating too!

Say It! Collection from BH Cosmetics

Ever wanted makeup covered in profanity? Well, this is your collection.

Regardless of the amusing and quite blunt name choices, these 9 pan palettes are gorgeous. The theming is simple yet bold and I really like the choice of font. I also really love the bag that comes with this collection! If this collection came to Ulta, I might consider picking the bag up for travel. I wish it came desperately from the brushes because I feel quite lukewarm about them, but it’s cute and a pretty good price.

It’s a pass because of the color choices, I’m such a neutral/pink gal, but I really love these palettes.


Wishlist/ What I Will Buy:

  • Fourth Ray Beauty So Radiant Brightening Eye Cream
  • New Super Shock Shadow Shades in Sweet Tea