My Blogging Routine: How I Schedule My Day

Creating a blogging schedule wasn’t something I originally intended.

Before, I would write and work on the blog at any point of the day, but now I’ve discovered a bit of a pattern to my blogging time. A bit like a scheduled routine, if you will.

It’s hard to call it a schedule when it’s more like a loose guideline, but in this post I’d like to explain my typical day-to-day activities when it comes to blogging. Also, a disclaimer: I don’t do this everyday. This is more like a productive day rather than a typical day, so keep that in mind as well.


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In the morning, I like to get most of my work done.

This usually consists of going onto Twitter and doing comment swaps, and promoting my current posts. I sometimes read other people’s posts, but that has become more of an evening activity as of late.

I also like to check on my blog and see my morning stats. If there’s any comments, I’ll respond and return the favor. If have extra time, I read my WordPress reader posts but mostly these days I check Twitter for new posts.

I’ll also peek at my Pinterest and see how my analytics are doing.

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Afternoon is my “off” time. If it’s my uploading day, my post will be scheduled and I might skim through any comments or see any likes, but I try to stay off if I can.

I try to get any outside chores done- laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, errands, etc. done during this time.

I’m guilty of releasing an afternoon post, checking it, realizing I forgot to do something and quickly fix it. From forgetting to upload on Pinterest to seeing a blatant misspelling, pretty often I have to double check my posts. Sometimes I wish I had an editor!

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Evenings are when I write my blog posts (most of the time at least).

If I need to do any blog work- tweaking the site, creating Canva/Visme designs, brainstorm new ideas- it happens in the evening. I don’t usually have a lot to do after dinner besides winding down, so I find myself rechecking everything from the morning.

I hop on Twitter pretty often, as I find myself darting around to different tabs every 5 minutes on my laptop. I have the bad habit of a short attention span, and I bet social media doesn’t help too much.

I also check Instagram. I don’t have an official Instagram for this blog, but scrolling through reels helps me see what’s trending and new. Trend Moods has been super helpful and they are very vital to my monthly makeup releases posts. A lot of times, brands are very quiet on Twitter, but very active on Instagram so I get to see more from companies.

Throughout the Day

At this part of my blogging experience, I’m checking my blog very frequently almost to the point of micro-managing.

It’s so easy to be listening to music or Youtube, and jump around to my blog or Twitter to browse. Although it’s not exactly taxing to check Twitter for a few minutes every hour, it does creates the illusion that I don’t have any breaks.

It’s something that I’m aware of and working on, and you should too. Social media is apart of our jobs and side-hustles, so it should be treated like part of the job too. Think for a moment next time you’re on social media in the middle of the night: are you doing it for fun? Or are you still working on the hour?


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Of course, I don’t follow this schedule to a T. Actually, this is quite a loose schedule and I often break it (as I am right now, writing this in the afternoon).

There’s always going to be things you can’t plan for, as well as things prioritized over a scrapped together schedule. Since this is a hobby/side-hustle for me, I don’t have to be as strict. If you blog as a full time job, then maybe then you want to have a better schedule, but for me, it’s not currently a necessity.

Sometimes, I wake up later so I have to work into the afternoon or I had a busy day and didn’t get home until late. So for these types of reasons, the schedule can gladly be thrown out the window if needed.


I hope this post helped you get an idea of what a regular productive day looks like for me.

I’m still fairly new, but I found this works well for me. It’s true that I’m most productive in the afternoon, but Twitter is most active in the morning as I have a lot of British viewers and followers, so I like to get on as early as I can. Also, I have so much down time in the evening, so the afternoon is the perfect time for breaks. And, I like to watch Youtube daily, and most people upload in the afternoon. A win-win.

So what about you? Do you schedule your day or have any productivity times? Consider thinking about when you work and if it’s really the best time.

Let me know what you think about this post!