My Summer Essentials

|AFF*| Here’s the non-makeup edition of my summer essentials! I want to share some of my absolute must haves, favorites and products I’ve been eyeing this summer. I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next summer trip, whether you’re traveling or having a staycation!

*This post contains Amazon affiliated links. That means I make a small commission if you decide to buy any of the products I’ve mentioned at no extra cost to you. Affiliated links help keep my blog running and looking professional. If you decide to buy anything from these links, thank you! If not, there’s absolutely no pressure to buy from Amazon.


summer essentials: sunscreen
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Of course, the number one thing you need is sunscreen. I’m going to link a few of my favorites, but generally anything over SPF 30 is good, but the higher the better.

Don’t worry about buying only the 90+ or 100+ SPF versions, because once the numbers get so high the difference between them is minuscule. Just focus on a minimum of 30!

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Chemical V.s Physical/Mineral

There’s also two different types of sunscreens: chemical and mineral. I’ll link an article about the differences, but mainly as a consumer it’s good to know that mineral sunscreens are usually safer for sensitive skin but also have a heavy white cast.

Chemical Vs. Mineral Sunscreen: What’s The Difference?

Mineral sunscreens may also be more expensive and slightly less common than chemical sunscreens. It’s also up for debate if chemical sunscreens damage coral reefs, but in my personal opinion, it’s only important to not to use chemical sunscreens if you live near coral reefs like Hawaii.

Here’s an article explaining in more detail about this debate.

My Top Picks

Overall, it’s up to you to decide. Here’s one of my favorites: Neutrogena’s Beach Defense water resistant sunscreen. It’s a popular choice on Amazon as it’s full spectrum, fast-absorbing and has an SPF rating of 70.

Another great pick for everyday wear is this sunscreen: CeraVe 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50. It’s a mineral sunscreen so the white cast is a little heavier than some others, but it blends into the skin nicely and doesn’t tint your skin into a weird shade. It also contains niacinamide to help reduce oils while you’re out in the sun, and comes at an affordable price.

The sunscreen I currently use is one from Solbar. It’s called their Zinc Sun Protection Cream SPF 38, and comes with 4 ounces. It’s a face and body sunscreen, but be aware it pours out quickly. There’s minimal white cast, and only has a mild sunscreen scent. It’s also fungal acne safe!

Sun Hat

Summer essentials: sun hat
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Got to love a good hat, especially in the beating sun!

Here’s a cute option from a brand called Furtalk. In comes in a bunch of different varieties of colors and textures ranging from beige, khaki and and grey. It also comes in 2 sizes: medium or large. It’s not the most top quality hat but if you’re in a rush to find something decent for 2 day shipping, this is a great option.

Want a foldable one for easy travel? There’s this one from Sunlily, which comes in 8 shades, including a bright pinky-coral color that isn’t very common to find. They have more nontraditional colors and patterns, and has great reviews. A nice option for those who want more than a regular beige sun hat!

I love this criss cross baseball hat from the brand Funky Junque on Amazon. It comes in over a 100 different styles! Yes, a 100! The one I particularly like is the basket weave style in the shade burgundy, which has weaving on the sides and even an elastic criss-cross pattern on the back. It’s perfect for slipping your pony tail through!

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Hair Accessories

Summer essentials: haircare
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It can be hard to beat the heat, and your hair might need an extra boost to avoid any unwanted frizz or greasy hair.

I found this eco-friendly claw hair clip option at Ulta from the brand Kitsch. It’s black, matte and easy to open and close as well as easy to grip. It’s also in the size large so you can easily fit all your hair inside. Did you know this clip is made from biodegradable plant based materials? It’s a great option to use to get your hair out of your face, but also give as a gift for those eco-friendly friends in your life.

For a final touch, I love using a texturizing sea spray in order to get volume, separation and nice waves. This one from Sun Bum in particular is a nice option. It’s available in a lot of places, and it claims to be UV-protected!

Summer Tote Bag

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Another must-have is a nice, sturdy yet trendy tote bag.

I really love this one from the brand Esvan, which comes in a ton of different color options. In particular, I love the Floral Leaf design (color A) as well as Floral Leaf (color H). The first design is covered in blue, summery leaves and has a light peachy-pink background. The other design (color H) comes in a classy off-white beige color and has green pineapples all over. All the bags come with black mesh on the sides, which are perfect for water bottles!

If you wanted to use this bag for other things, they have more year-round colors and designs such as sunflowers and solid-colors like pink and grey. It could be a great multi-purpose bag for all year, or a summer specific tote!

Want a cute, really big, waterproof bag? There’s also this style on Amazon by Shylero with that classic blue and white stripes and rope-esque handles. And when I say it’s big, it’s really, really, big. Make sure to check the photos before deciding between the X-large and XX-large options!

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So these are some of my summer essentials!

I’ve really been excited since here in the States, things are quickly going back to normal. I know that’s not true for everywhere, so I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!

Let me know in comments what your summer essentials are, or if you have tried any of the products I’ve mentioned!