Monthly Releases: June

Welcome to a new month of new releases! There’s not too many amazing, unique releases this month, but there is a lot of beauty news! Make sure to check the end of this post for news on Harry Styles and Ariana Grande’s new beauty lines and more.

But before we jump into that, let’s start start with 4 Colourpop releases. If you aren’t a fan, skim down to the “other brands” section for more content.


You’re Golden Palette by Colourpop

Oh Colourpop. Since this was released so close to the end of the month, I added it to the June round-up.

There’s not a lot going on with this palette. I don’t think anyone need 50 shades of brown and 2 blues, so I’m not sure what they were going with. Their previous two nude palettes were just fine. But that’s Colourpop for you.

I saw someone mention how nice this could have been as a 9 pan. They could keep 6 coral-gold shades and the 3 blue shadows. Even a 12 pan with a few extra textures and another blue could have made this palette much better. A ton of these shades just look wildly similar and a big palette was not necessary. It’s not on trend right now either, the majority of brands are making minis.

A big thumbs down from me, but I’d be curious to see this in a small, cohesive palette if they ever made one.

Ulta Exclusives: Lust for Dust, High Tide and Fine Feathered

A slightly more exciting set of palettes is here- except their exclusive to Ulta right now. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t come to it’s own website, but it might take awhile.

I really like the Lust for Dusk palette. I love the darker, less cutesy packaging and it’s nice range of colors that still fairly muted and grungy. There’s browns, but also a good amount of silver and blues, as well as pink-plum colors. Overall, a really nice palette. I’m not usually a fan for their 16 pan palette, but I do really like this one.

Although bright colors aren’t for me, I can appreciate colorful palettes. 9 pans are still my favorite, and the color selection is always nice and monochromatic. High Tide is such a pretty blue-green, and I think it’s a great addition to their other blue and green palettes without repeating.

Fine Feathered is a bit more common in Colourpop’s library but still a pretty palette nonetheless. You might want to look up comparison swatches just to make sure you aren’t duplicating any colors you already have. Also, despite the photos, Fine Feather is a much more vibrant purple palette, even though it looks muted to the point of being soft and pink, it’s very much a bright palette.

Update: These palettes are available on Colourpop’s website as of now.

Neon Electric Collection from Colourpop

Colourpop fans got rightly upset by this collection. After teasing a neon, colorful collection for summer, they came out with this.

It was a very strange choice to have three palettes with a single neon shade in each. If they decided to go with a neon palette, they should have ran with it. A 5 or even 4 pan palette with neon colors would have been perfectly acceptable, but they dropped the ball with this.

I can imagine this collection won’t do well. The vast majority of people are upset and annoyed, and I feel like this has been happening a lot lately: the too-nude mega palette, lack-luster collabs and even more nude shades, I wonder what the company will do.

Their has clearly been a cry for bright, colorful shades, and so far they have not delivered. They’ve been pretty good about listening to feedback like with restocking more of their products, but they won’t budge on the colorful palettes. I’m curious to see if they change their minds, but right now it’ still neutrals with a pop of color.

Hello Kitty X Colourpop Collab

After the debacle that was the Neon Collection, Colourpop quickly introduced this new collab.

This isn’t the first collab with Hello Kitty, but must be one of my favorites! The bright colors fit the summer fruit theme so well, and the packaging is very cute. I love that they came out with very bright, deep skin tone-friendly blushes!

Besides the palette and the typical duo blushes, this collection also comes with a lippie scrub and new glowing lip balm sets. I love the lippie scrub- the formula, the packaging and design, but I personally hate the smell of pineapple so I’ll have to pass. I’ve also heard a lot of people say they are allergic or get reactions out of pineapple, so I wish they went with a different kind.

Out of the entire collection, I’d be interested in the lip balms. I just wished they came out as individuals, because the shades vary from a nude, a pink and more bright red.

Mostly a pass, but I love the theme, the collab and the overall vibe of this collection!

Other Brands

Dupe Alert: Kimchichic Beauty 3Some Blush Trios

I quickly wanted to note that a brand called Kimchichic came out with a trio palette of blushes.

Recently, Anastasia Beverly Hills came out a with a very similar palette with wonky shade picks for deeper skin tones, so I decided to add this as a dupe or alternative. The ABH was nearly $60, and this trio comes in at just under $20.

I have never tried the brand, but I have heard great things so this is definitive an option if you want a blush palette.

BH Cosmetics Travel Series Expansion

BH Cosmetics has decided to add more products to their travel line!

They added two eyeshadow palettes- a warm-toned red palette and a cool-toned blue palette with a few reds. They also came out with another face palette with bronzers and highlighters.

Nothing in particular draws me to these products, although I do love the travel design on the packaging. They’re pretty, but nothing too special or unique from the brand as you can probably dupe these with other palettes.

A pass, but I thought I’d add it here for those who liked their travel line.

Nyx Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mattifying Powder

Nyx came out with a new powder- this time a mattifying powder for those of us with normal or oily skin.

I love all the different options in the photo, and I see a lot of translucent white powders as well. The heart imprint is nice touch as well. I’m curious to know how this compares to the Essence mattifying powder.

I might consider getting this next time I see it at Ulta, but I just bought a new powder, so don’t expect a new review any time soon! Nonetheless, it’s a nice new release.

Elf Putty Bronzer

Elf also expanded their own line- the putty line. Now introducing the putty bronzer!

I heard people rave about this series: their primers and new blushes are still very popular. Elf has noticed, and their continuing to add to line now with this product. I haven’t tried this formula and especially with bronzers, I’d be afraid that it wouldn’t blend out properly. But, I haven’t heard of any blending issues with any products in this line so far.

I’m interested in seeing how these preform! Cream blushes are still at their height, so maybe the new trend will be cream bronzers. For now a pass, but I’m curious to see how these are rated.

New Brand Alert: Uoma’s New Sister Brand Uoma by Sharon C

A new affordable brand is launching!

I wasn’t very interested until I learned the brand was affordable and would be available at Walmart, and presumably other drugstores either now or in the future. There’s not too much to go off of yet, but the makeup prices are pretty reasonable. I wish the skincare was a smidge cheaper, but that’s me being picky.

First impressions, I like that their foundation has so many shades, and an interesting lip formula. The cleansing wipes were an interesting choice considering the vast majority of the community has a strong hatred towards them, but otherwise I don’t see much noteworthy.

I like the bright pink detailing, and colors on the foundation caps (I wonder what they represent?) as well. I really would like to see them at my local store and have a look at them myself. The pictures on Walmart’s website aren’t the greatest by a long shot, but the promo photos are really pretty.

It’s a wait and see kind of situation. So far they have a positive reception.

Beauty News Headlines

I decided to add a new section to these posts for beauty news. I’m covering things quickly, so you can be informed fast! These headlines have links to the Trend Mood posts to learn more.


And that’s the new releases this month! Has anything caught your eye? Do you also think June was a slow month for new makeup and skincare? Let me know!

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