The Cutest, Most Functional Stationery

|AFF*| Who doesn’t love cute stationery?

In today’s post, I’m going to share some of the stationery I love from Amazon that are so cute, they’ll make you motivated to work! Of course, overly cute things aren’t for everyone, so I’ll had some bonus minimal supplies as well.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll make a small portion of money if you decide to buy from them. Please consider buying from the links I provided at no extra cost to you!

Rose Gold Metal Binder Clips Cute Cat Shaped

Look at these cute binder clips!

I decided to share the ones that are cat shaped, but they also have a few other designs like penguins and cacti. This set of clips comes with 12 decorative clips made from strong alloy that gives it a beautiful rose gold color.

What I love about these is of course how cute they are, but also the color and how they’re functional. Binder clips are a necessity if have a lot of paper to organize, or want to display things such as photos.

EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case

This pencil case comes in several different colors, but I particularly liked this beige color if you want something a little more neutral and professional. But, it comes in pretty shades like cyan, yellow, pink and purple.

I love how much space and compartments this comes with so you can store a surprisingly large amount of things. There’s pencil and pen loops, zippered pockets and a decently-sized main compartment.

It’s also nice because you can put whatever you need in it: school supplies, chargers and other cables, or even makeup or other knickknacks. This a great option both for at home storage, or traveling on the go.

Weekly Planner Notepad w/ Habit Tracker

One of my favorites on this list is this weekly planner pad from Lamare!

It’s cute but professional, minimal yet colorful and provides just enough space to write everything down without being too bulky. It’s also updated, so you don’t have to worry about if you accidentally skip a week. This planner’s page is easily ripable at the top, and the pages are thick without being too heavy.

I also love that this comes with a habit tracker in the corner so if you’re someone who likes to track things, you have a nice place for it. There’s a top priority section and 3 big boxes to be used every week to separate your notes. For example, I used those pink boxes as categories for each part of my day: school, work, and personal.

Note Neutrality Sticky Notes| Rose

Here’s a very classy option from Cloth and Paper!

Once I discovered Cloth and Paper, I fell in love. I love their entire minimalist, sleek, yet luxury feeling their products give off. They have a collection of sticky notes called the note neutrality line that featured very muted colors.

I love these sticky notes because I can’t find these tones anywhere else. It’s such a unique color because it’s not only muted, but has a grey undertone that looks amazing in a black-and-white focused planner, or just enough color without being distracting. It comes in other shades such as Dusk which is a beautiful light tan as well as the grey-tinged Cotton, along with a couple other color variations.

I highly recommend any of their stickiness, but especially this line because of how unique they are color-wise.

8 Rolls Solid Color Washi Tape Set

If you are looking into adding some more decorative, yet still functional accents, you should definitely try washi tape.

Washi tape is used in planners, journals, notebooks, even art. Although most of the time it’s used as decoration, it can be functional such as color-coding and coordinating.

What I love about this set of washi tape is that it comes to about a dollar a piece per roll, and that each roll will last you a decent amount of time for the price. There’s also a lot of color variations, with the rainbow set having lovely shades of pink, blue, green and purple. But, they do have some grey and black options for a more muted look.

Blu Monaco Rose Gold Desk Organizer – 5 Piece Desk Accessories Set

Look how cute this desk accessory kit is!

I’m always a sucker for gold and rose gold themed accessories, there’s something so beautiful yet sleek about them that I just adore. This set in particular coming with a paper tray, pencil cup, file holder and more.

I love the versatility of this set. It comes with a little cube-shaped design that’s perfect for washi tape, sticky notes or even spare supplies. I can see a ton of uses for the magazine and document holder, especially for bloggers and people who work from home. There’s also a mail sorter than can be used for books, thick documents or makeup palettes. Overall, it’s very cute and functional, and based on the reviews it’s very high quality as well.

Zebra Pen Mildliner, Assorted Colors, 10 Pack

I mentioned these in a previous post, but I’ll mention them again in case you haven’t read it!

I have been using Zebra Mildliners for years and I absolutely love them! I love the color selections, the design of the highlighters, the performance of the product themselves, all of it! This set in particular comes in a 10 count in the color fluorescent. This is a more typical color selection, but they have other colors that are more unique such as greys, browns and reds.

What I love about these as well is that they are double-ended. There’s a highlighter side and a more precise fine tip. I can think of many uses for these: note-taking in college, muted highlighting for career work, journaling and planning as well. You can’t go wrong with these highlighters.


So there you have it- some of my favorite stationery products!

I hope this had a good enough variety of very cutesy and very functional stationery. Let me know if you have ever tried any of these products or if you want to buy some now!