My Makeup Inventory

Hey guys! For today’s post, I wanted to share my makeup inventory.

What is a makeup inventory, you may ask? It’s basically looking at your makeup collection with the intention to count how many products you own. This is a great idea for those who want to minimize their collection, or seeing their buying habits first hand. It could also serve as the opposite, to see which categories of makeup you can afford to buy more of without wasting money.

So without further ado, let me share my own collection of makeup.

Primer: 1

Currently, I only have one primer.

Primers weren’t something I’ve ever invested in. I tried a few in the past that were silicone-based and pore-filling but I hated the texture and feeling on my skin. Right now I only have one from First Aid Beauty, which is a moisturizer/primer hybrid. I do really this one under makeup and on it’s own.

Foundation: 3 (powder/tinted moisturizer)

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Something you’ll rarely see on my blog is personal reviews of foundations.

I hate foundation- most of the time. There’s something about slathering a heavy liquid on my face that feels and looks awful on my skin. I can never feel comfortable wearing a foundation any heavier than light-weight, with light coverage. So, my collection contains a tinted moisturizer and two powder foundations.

I’m interested in trying some skin tints, serum foundations and powder foundations this year. I’m really excited the trend has switched from full coverage to very light coverage these days. It’s a lot more up my alley!

Sprays: 1

Sprays are another “meh” category of makeup for me.

I don’t particularly mind setting sprays, mists or anything similar. But, when you’re on a budget, I’d rather get a different type of product than a spray. I currently have one mini from a Fourth Ray Beauty set. It’s hydrating and looks nice on the skin, but I’m still not super sold on sprays. I would love to try a long wearing setting spray at some point.

Concealers: 3

Although I love concealers, I tend to buy one and fall in love.

I have been using the Maybelline Fit Me concealer for a long, long time. But, this year I picked up the Elf Hydrating Cameo concealer and haven’t looked back. Using concealer is one of my essential steps when I only have five minutes to get ready. I’m interested in trying more medium-to-high coverage concealers. They never look cakey like a lot of my foundations do on my skin.

Powders: 4

I was actually a little surprised to see that I have four powders.

I have an old Revlon powder that is so old I’m surprised it still works properly, as well as a Wet n’ Wild powder that’s fairly old as well. I picked up an Essence Brightening powder that I’ve been using as of late from my recent Ulta haul. I would probably buy more powders to replace my old, expiring ones. I can admit, I do love a good powder, even if my dry skin doesn’t always cooperate.

Blushes: 6

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My blush collection is a little large, but I can say I rotate them pretty frequently.

I have my trusty Tarte blush, as well as multiple blushes from Colourpop at this point. Their blush formula varies- one formula being very pigmented and one being a little softer. I also recently picked up two blushes from Ulta: an Essence Blush and Milani Cream Blush.

I’ll probably restrict myself a little in this category until I use up one of my blushes. I wasn’t a big fan of blush for a while, seeing as my skin is already pretty red on it’s own, and it wasn’t like I wore heavy foundation. But, over the years I’ve learned to love blush, and it’s probably one of my favorite steps in my makeup collection. Also, it’s a pretty trendy category of makeup right about now.

Bronzers: 2

I don’t have the best of luck with bronzers, but I have a feeling I haven’t found the right undertone.

I have two bronzers but both are too warm. It’s also difficult for me to find a bronzer that’s cool enough without being a contour-color, and light enough. I have very fair skin and most bronzers are just too dark for me if their shade range is small. I’d love to find one that works well for my skin, but I’m not super into bronzers these days.

Highlighter: 1

I only have one highlighter.

Can you tell at this point I don’t like very dramatic makeup? Highlighting isn’t my favorite or most necessary step in my makeup routine, but I always love seeing them in other people’s hauls. I currently have one from Elf. I only use them if I’m going out for the night or some special occasion.

Mascara: 4

Back to another favorite category of mine: mascara.

I’m quite picky with my mascara. I’d rather have a little less dramatic volume than clumpy eyelashes. Mascaras that are natural, or focus on lengthening or separation are my favorite. I have some from Wet n’ Wild and Tarte. I’d love to try a new mascara because I keep going back to my old favorite, but I know there’s some nice mascaras out there.

Eyeshadow Palettes: 12

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This wasn’t surprising in the slightest.

If there’s one category I like so splurge in, it’s eyeshadow. I love eyeshadow because I can create a natural look or crank up the color for an event. There’s also so many formulas, textures and color combinations that I always find myself choosing a new palette over other products.

I have a bunch of Colourpop, Elf, Tarte, Maybelline, Wet N’ Wild and more. I’m always interested in new eyeshadow, but if I buy anymore, I’ll probably switch it out with an old palette I don’t use anymore.

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Brow Products: 2

I just upped my brow game with a new brow pencil recently.

I’m not particularly picky when it comes to brow products, although I do struggle with finding the correct tone for my brows. I have dark, nearly black eye brows, but finding a shade that isn’t too warm or too dark can be difficult. I’ve really been enjoying a pencil over a powder, but I’m curious to try a pen in the future!

Bullet Lipsticks: 2

I’ve included bullet lipsticks with my lip shines and other similar products. I haven’t wore much in terms of lip color as I had such a hard time color coordinating my lips and my eyes. But, I’ve been trying as of late to put more effort into buying lip products. I’ll talk about this more in my gloss category.

I have a Jordana lipstick and one of Elf’s semi-new lip shines. I used to have more Jordana lipsticks, but they were growing old so I had to declutter them.

Liquid Lips: 5

I have a lot of liquid lips from when they were popular a few years ago.

I didn’t know a lot about lip colors, and I decided to go with shades of pink which I learned very quickly that I hated. I have a few that I like the color and hate the formula, but also some I hate the color and love the formula. I need a total re-do of my liquid lips, but seeing as I don’t wear them often at all, I’ll wait before I revamp this category.

Gloss: 3

I had one gloss for the longest time, but I’ve finally decided to get rid of that gloss and try some new ones.

All my glosses are from Colourpop at this point. I’ve tried their Ultra Gloss Lip and Lux Glosses, and I’m curious to try their Lip Oils. I can afford to try some more glosses, but I’m on the lookout for a light-weight gloss. Colourpop’s glosses are pretty thick and sticky, so I’m looking for variety for my collection.


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Total: 49 (Under 50 products!)

And that’s my makeup collection! Did you learn anything about your own collection? Let me know!

Doing a makeup inventory count can help you keep track of your collection and learn more about how to buy products! I for one always look at eyeshadows and mascaras from a brand, but now I know to look at other categories, even if they don’t seem as exciting to me. Do you have a favorite category?

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