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Hi everyone! I want to start off by saying this is a collab post with the lovely Chloe! Make sure to check out her post as well, I’ll link her blog below. We are both talking about our favorite self care tips for the summer!

Summertime is a great opportunity to switch into a better self care routine, especially now that there’s the ability to go outside. But, you may be wondering what can you do in the summer as self care? Here’s several ideas and tips you can easily implement!

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1. Establish A Good Morning Routine

Morning routines are so important- they set up the mood for the entire day!

By having a good, consistent morning routine that you’ll want to keep doing every morning, you’re setting yourself up for having a good day. Consider adding things like a skincare routine, or an extra long shower. Maybe you’re the type to skip breakfast, so taking the extra time to make a breakfast smoothie might be your form of self care in the morning.

Other ideas include sleeping in on the weekends, or squeezing in time to scroll through social media before work. Whatever you find that your missing throughout your morning, consider adding it to your morning routine. A good self care tip is to be consistent, and only add things that are either necessary, or a treat for yourself.

2. Get Active

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Exercising for you might be a great form of self care, or an absolute nightmare if you hate working out.

Even if you don’t like exercising, you should add some type of activity to your day as a form of summer self care. Whether that be going for a walk, starting a garden, doing yoga, or even playing with your pets or kids, getting active is a great form of self care. Make sure if it’s a particularly hot day, you come inside and relax afterwards- a bonus self care step!

Moving your body is so important, especially if you are a student on summer break or someone on vacation, it can be easy to lay and bed and do nothing. It’ll seem nice for a while, but before you know it, you’ll be sleeping too often and feeling too lazy to do much else besides lay around. Plus, it’s amazing for your health!

3. Schedule “Me Time”

If you are someone who has kids, or a demanding job, finding personal time to yourself may be difficult.

Always evaluate and question when the last time you had “me time” was. You may find yourself cranky, irritated or plain burnout, and often not having some alone time may be the culprit. Even though you love your friends, you need a break away from them too. Having your own personal time can be such a good summer self care idea.

You can go to the beach, relax at home with a movie, or eat at a nice restaurant. Whatever solo activity you go with, it’s all equally important if it’s something you want to do. Maybe catch up on a good book, or binge a mature show you wanted to watch without your kids. Make a running list if you so desire, so next time you find yourself scheduling your personal free time, you have lovely list of ideas waiting for you!

4. Get Cozy

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Feeling cozy and cuddling up with a drink isn’t just a winter thing.

Being able to not only relax but feel cozy at the end of the day can be a nice feeling. Even if it’s a little too hot for a warm blanket, consider a light version or taking a shower before getting into bed. Grab your beverage of choice whether it be a traditional warm drink like hot chocolate, or settling down with a iced tea or lemonade. I like to turn on my fairy lights and light a candle to set a cozy mood, as it tricks your mind into thinking it’s relaxing time.

Like I said earlier, grab a good book, a movie, or cuddle up with a pet because it’s time to be cozy and unwind for the night. It’s also a great way to set the mood to make you sleepy.

5. Prep for A Trip

In the summertime, a lot of people are busy on vacation and it can be easy to get lost in the details of a trip.

Taking time off and changing your environment is a great summer self care idea. Even if it’s just a day trip to a nearby city, any change in scenery resets the mind and gives you something else to focus on. That being said, planing for a trip can be stressful, so make sure you prep in advance. Having packing lists set, locations written down and ideas for what to do on your phone can make the first day of a trip much more easier to manage.

You can of course do two different options: plan each day with different events accordingly or let the trip decide itself. Sometimes having back-up plans for events such as unexpected rainy days is a great idea. You never know with the weather!

6. Go For A Swim

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There’s many places where you can swim: a local pool, the beach, or staying a place with a pool.

Swimming is something I forget how fun it is! Every year I go to the beach at least once, and I always have fun. Another great option if you don’t like the ocean or swimming is to sunbath at the beach, or go tubing down a lazy river. This summer self care idea ties in with my previous point, but you don’t have to go on a big trip in order to enjoy the water!

I’m not sure about other places, but my town has a swimming pool at one of the schools and there’s small, local water activities closer to the cities in order to beat the heat. Make sure to research around if you don’t live directly on the coast, there may be some options right next door.

7. Start A Garden

Sounds intimidating right? It doesn’t have to be, there’s so many different options out there!

I have a medium-sized planter with violets, rosemary, parsley and mint all growing together. I got all of this with the planter included for $20, and it can be placed outside or indoors for easy access. A herb garden inside or outside is a great idea and a fun activity. I find watering my outdoor garden everyday to be very relaxing and it’s a small way to get some steps in, as well as get fresh air.

Want to go beyond a herb plant? There’s also a thing called garden bag that are ventilated fabric bags that grow just about anything. I just picked my potatoes from my garden bag and they grew beautifully, but I also have several types of herbs growing. It’s a relatively cheap option, you just need to buy the plants, the bag and some soil. This can be a great option for apartment people with just a balcony, or small space gardeners.

8. Do The Little Things

Summer Self Care
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Self care doesn’t have to be a big, life-changing event if you don’t want it to be! There’s plenty of things you can do in the comfort of your home.

Completing your to-do list is an act of self care. Taking a bath, baking, or cooking a nice meal might be up your ally too. Planning for me is an act of self care, as I find myself less stressed when I’m nice and organized. Doing a hobby can be self care like drawing or dancing, or whatever other hobby. Taking the time to do things that you like to do seems small and insignificant, but if it makes you happy, then it counts as self care!


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