My Favorite Neutral Nails on Pinterest

I’m going to admit I don’t wear nails often unless it’s for special occasions. Or, in this case, in the summer.

I’ve always been a nail biter ever since I was a child and that’s been a habit I’ve never been able to break. Although sometimes I can go without biting for about a week, I get so surprised by my own nails that I end up scratching myself often. I think it needs to be talked more as an anxiety symptom rather than categorizing it as a bad habit, but let’s not get into that for this post.

What we are going to get into though is some pretty nail art! I’ve been thinking of getting my nails done for an upcoming vacation, so I’ve been looking up a lot of neutral nail art. Here’s some of my favorites!

Brown Neutral Nails

I love these mocha inspired nails! This first set reminds me so much of my theme and aesthetic. I love the light brown accents and swirls, it really made a muted color more fun to wear. It really adds something to a basic nail design.

There’s also these simplistic nails with white and black details. I feel like these neutral nails are easy to create and don’t require a very steady hand which is why I like them! There’s also some fun colored french tips that could be nice in a work environment. The curvy line art design is amazing as well.

These last nails are neutral colors, but the different textures and shades really make them pop. I can totally see some of my friends wearing these.

Flower Designed Nails

Here’s some more simplistic, neutral nails. I love these tiny daisy nails! All of the nail designs in this first pin are amazing as you can go with very subtle, tiny daisies or one stand-out big daisy.

The black flower details in this second pin are beautiful. There’s also some colorful options, but simple neutral nails this first image works amazingly well. It’s another design I can see working in a more professional setting. The neutral, almost-nail color background is very subtle, but adds a little bit of soft pink.

These last nails are a beautiful soft, glossy grey. This shade is perfect if you are looking for a more subtle nail, and the shapes of the nails are a really nice cut: not too short or too long.

Baby Pink Nail Colors

These last set of nails have a very cute milky pink theme! I like the nail cut in this first pin, and having a matching scrunchie makes this design extra cute. It’s not too complex or detailed, but the soft color is enough to make a statement.

This middle design has be my favorite, although it can be a little tricky to work with. I got nude pink nails before that ended up looking really bad because they matched my skin too much. Other than that, it’s a very pretty color if done correctly!

I also love these spring nails for a touch of baby blue. It’s design isn’t too difficult to replicate, but also abstract enough to draw in your eye. The color combination is great for spring or even summer. It’s a very pretty neutral nails deign with a pop of color!


I hope these sets of nail designs inspired you to create your own!

Neutral nails have always been my favorite as I never liked bright colors on my hands. I can appropriate a good neon yellow nail color, but it’s just not for me. I love whites, pinks and browns, with small details and designs. I have a shaky hand, so I like press-on nails or to have them done by someone else.

I hope you found some nail inspiration!