New Monthly Makeup Releases: July

Another new month of makeup! I have some new makeup and beauty news to share with you all, but this month is quite short and sweet. There wasn’t too many releases I was excited about, but here’s some that I did want to share that are mostly from Colourpop.

As always, I’m going to start with Colourpop and then move onto other brands. Make sure to stick around for the beauty new headlines at the bottom as well!


Colourpop was a little quiet this month. Besides another big collab, there was a small red-themed collection at the beginning of the month and a new lip formula launch. It seems like they stuck to adding new formulas and product designs rather than full collections this month.

Cherry Crush Collection

Colourpop for me, and a majority of people, lately hasn’t been doing so hot. Their collections have been pretty skippable, and of course there was the Neon Collection debacle just happened last month. Despite that, I really love this new collection. I don’t really wear reds, but I love the entire vibe of this collection.

The packaging is cute, the theming is a little typical but still nicely done. They snuck in a new lip formula, which I’ll talk about more later as well as brand new hair clips. I really like the idea of them branching out a little into the accessory territory like they have with the mirrors, and the clips are pretty cute.

I think it would be a little hard to create diverse tones and looks with this palette, but if you are a fan of red tones, this collection is very cute and might be up your ally.

Glossy Lip Stains

Colourpop also released a new formula- the glossy lip stains.

I was intrigued when I first heard of this, because it’s not very often you hear of a stain that’s also glossy. I think this type of product that although not currently trendy, it could very easily become a new trend. Glosses are pretty popular at the moment, and a lip stain is a great way to add lasting color besides using a liquid lipstick.

I heard these really do stain your lips and leave lasting color even if the gloss wears off. I would need to read into it more, but so far they sound interesting. They have a pretty good selection of colors so far and I love the simple but still cute packaging. I might pick one up, but they’re still more I’d like to learn about these.

Their biggest launch of this month has to be their Power Puff Girls collaboration.

It comes with the main palette, two blushes, glosses, color stixs, as well as more of those hair clips I mentioned earlier. There’s also a lip mask duo from Fourth Ray Beauty (their sister skincare company) and a brand new bubble bath bar from Sol Body (their sister bodycare company).

There’s nothing in particular that I feel strongly about. The palette is nice, I’m glad they included the girl’s colors into the colorstory. I didn’t watch the show for the most part, but I do like the collab even if I feel a little lukewarm about it. I’m glad they’re going for more colorful blushes, I think these shades will work great with darker skin tones.

I do hope in the future they come out with more mature makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I love nostalgic makeup and great collabs, but I also miss their older releases. Their Dark Blooms collection was so pretty, I hope to see more muted, almost sultry kind of collections the closer we get to Autumn.

Other Brands

Here’s some more makeup from the drugstore- specifically Physicians Formula.

I just watched a review on these bronzers and they’re so pretty!

The Cookie bronzer (the image on the bottom right) is a bronzer for light to medium skin tones. It’s slightly warmer than Donut and Coffee, but the shades are similar otherwise. The Cookie bronzer is also the only one that has a small glowy blush in the middle that can be applied on it’s own or mixed together. Donut and Coffee are pretty similar, almost identical shades. The Cake bronzer is the only noticeably different shade. If you have a medium skin tone, this bronzer is best as it’s their darkest in the line.

The shade range isn’t great, but I’m glad they included Cake because otherwise the other shades are pretty light. It also should be known that these are very powdery, like loose setting powder level of powdery. If you get the Donut bronzer, the sprinkles go away immediately. Also, all these products are scented respectively to their themes.

I personally want to pick up the Coffee bronzer because it looks to be the lightest and smells like coffee! If this comes to my local drugstore or if I see it at Ulta, I’m going to try to pick it up.

Beauty News Headlines


And that’s everything! I know I didn’t cover the last week of July too well, but expect all those releases to be available next month! I was away on holiday and wasn’t able to work on the blog too much, so August will have to be a big month.

Let me know what you think!