6 Month Blog Anniversary Q&A

Hey guys! This month my blog has turned 6 months old! In order to celebrate, I asked my Twitter readers to supply me some questions, both personal and blogging-related for my blog anniversary. Feel free to add more questions in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them all.

The Questions

What is your ideal perfect day? –The Grumpy Olive

My perfect day would start with me waking up early and well rested, getting my work done early and relaxing in the evening with a good book or some Youtube videos.

2. What is your favorite food? –Lynn Mumbling Mejia

Sushi! I always get sushi for my birthday and as or recently, one opened down the street which is great. For a more everyday type of food, I love any recipe with potatoes.

3. What’s your favorite movie genre? – The Peculiar Adventurer

Dramas. I like a good mixture of comedy, romance and drama- a movie that can make me both cry and laugh in a few hours!

4. What do you like to do to relax? –The Grumpy Olive

I love watching Youtube videos, it’s my favorite lazy activity. I watch a wide variety of content, so I always find sometimes I’m interested in.

5. What does success look like to you in the next 3-4 years both professionally and personally? – Lynn Mumbing Mejia

I hope to have a digital marketing job by then! Blogging has been a fun way for me to explore this career path and so far I love it. If not a job, a good internship would be great. As for personally, I hope to start maybe looking for an apartment. Right around that mark my life will be changing a lot, so I don’t have a lot of plans at the moment, just a lot of aspirations.

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6. How long did it take for you to come up with a blog name? –Her Digital Coffee

Not very long! Probably a day, to be honest. I know I loved the mocha, beige color and wanted it to be my main color theme, so a cafe-themed name worked! I thought I was being original, but I see a lot of cafe-themed blogs.

7. What is the most important thing you have learned so far on your blogging journey? –Travel Addicted Unicorn

The importance of promotion and connections! The first two-ish months I didn’t have a Twitter and wondered how blogs were getting 100+ likes on their posts, but once I discovered Twitter’s blogging community, I saw how much my blog could grow. And also connections of course!

8. Why did you start your blog? –Lynn Mumbing Mejia and Ofaglasgogirl

Two main reasons: because I love to write, and because I wanted to learn more about my career path. I had another blog before this where I basically wrote reviews on my favorite media, but it didn’t last long although it was fun. Secondly, I had been struggling on finding a career that mixes together my love of writing and creativity while also being a stable job, so I looked into digital marketing. The number one tip into getting into the field was to start a blog!

9. Do you see yourself blogging as a job or as a hobby? –The Grumpy Olive

I find it a mix between the two. Although I haven’t made money from my blog yet, I try to keep a schedule and work on it with a career-mindset. Although, I do find it fun and decide to more fun, personal posts like these every once in a while.

10. What is your favorite blog post you’ve written thus far? –Riyah Speaks, Ofaglasgowgirl and SimplyAlexJean

I have a few! I like My Summer Essentials post because it was the first time I really focused on SEO and setting up my post properly. I love a majority of my blogging tips posts, I find the topic and educating people so interesting!

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11. What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers? –Her Digital Coffee

My advice would be don’t compare yourself to others, but try to evaluate other blogs. What do you like about their blog compared to yours? The theme, font, plugins, etc.? I find that seeing other people’s blogs encourages me to try new things with my own, and seeing how I can improve! Although be careful not to compare yourself to a blog 10x the size of yours, it’s just unreasonable.

12. What is one thing you wish you knew before you started blogging? –Her Digital Coffee

I wish I knew how little I actually needed to write in order to keep a blog running! It’s most promotions and social media which I love, but I thought I would be writing much more often. I also wish I knew that some niches are much easier to start writing for than others, as lifestyle and personal growth blogs are very popular compared to some other niches. Even the beauty niche struggles to stay active and have lots of people.

13. If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of blogging advice, what would it be? –Ellie’s Little World

I wish I had giving myself the advice to wait a little longer. I very suddenly made a blog, so I realized very quickly I needed to tweak my content. My posts were very short with poorly-edited images and I didn’t understand the promotional aspect of blogging at all. So, my piece of advice would have been to research more into starting a blog.

14. What’s your favourite blog topic to read? –Ofaglasgowgirl

Makeup and Blogging tips. I love to see what other beauty blogs do with their content as it’s super inspiring! The blogging niche is very interesting to me as well since I love to learn how to improve my blog.

15. What’s your favourite/least thing about blogging? –Ofaglasgowgirl

My favorite part of blogging is connecting to community and seeing other people grow! My least favorite is definitely scheduling social media posts, it’s incredibly tedious to me.

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16. Your top 3 tips/advice for someone starting blogging/wanting to improve their blogging?

One: have a Twitter so you can promote your posts. I read 90% of my posts from my Twitter feed and comment threads and so do the majority of others. Two: read up on educational blogging posts! So many bloggers create posts on how to blog and different tips and tricks. Three: Make sure your subscribe button and socials are visible and easy to find. I can’t tell you how often I want to subscribe to a blog and can’t find their subscribing button/page!

17. Do you prefer to work in the morning or the evening? –SimplyAlexJean

I prefer to do routine tasks in the morning such as blog promotion, responding to comments, etc. I use the evening time to write blog posts and do Canva designs.

18. What motivates you? –SimplyAlexJean

Seeing other people’s amazing work! Especially if the post is on something I’m passionate about. In a general sense, I’m motivated if I wake up early and get to work early!

19. How do you come up with ideas for your content? Do you wait for inspiration or do you always have a plan? x –Pastiche Mode

I usually wait for inspiration! Most of time, once I get one idea I suddenly get ten more. Sometimes, I look up blog post ideas on Google or Pinterest, but for the most part they just come to me. Oh, and also Youtube! I try to take tags and other content from the Youtube beauty space and turn it into a blog post. I have a lot of reoccurring posts so I don’t have to think of new ideas super often.

20. What do you find most rewarding about blogging? –Ruthiee Love Glamour

Gonna be honest, I love seeing the numbers grow on my blog and socials. Seeing the little changes and little victories daily makes me so inspired to keep going!

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21. Which of your post has the most views? –Ruthie Love Glamour

Interesting question! “My Affordable Makeup Favorites” is my most popular post by a couple of views.

22. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been offered for a blog post? –Sunshine Sarah

I actually had very few offers for blog posts and none of them had been weird. I hope to get more in the future, I think I’m still a little too small at the moment!

23. What is a must have or must do for a blogger? –Headphones Thoughts

Canva or some other sort of digital design software as well as at least one kind of blog-dedicated social media account.

24. How do you plan your content? –Karalee Cupcake

I don’t do much in terms of planning. I’m very much a free writer and just go once I have the title on paper. All I do beforehand is write down the main idea and the keyword, otherwise 90% of the time I just write with the general idea in my head. If I feel like I need to plan it out, I write a bulleted list of headings and main ideas.

25. What would you like to do after you graduate from college? –Karelee Cupcake

Great question! I would like to got into the digital marketing field! I’m not sure which brand yet, but social media management, SEO, PR and content writing interest me.

26. What’s your biggest achievement? –Enviroline Blog

Honestly, probably this blog. I have a lot of hobbies outside of more professional writing, so I’m proud of myself with sticking to this blog for the past 6 months even if I want to do other things sometimes.


Thanks everyone for all the questions! I really enjoyed responding questions for my blog anniversary, and I hope to do this again soon.