Visme Review: Features and Comparisons

AD| As a blogger, graphic designs are a huge part of making your blog successful. Like book covers, the featured images and graphic designs are the first visual element your audience sees. They make a big impression and can be the reason why someone clicks on your blog.

So for that reason, I was so excited when Visme reached out to me. I’ve never heard of the company before, but Visme is an online graphics tool that helps you create wonderful graphic designs for presentation slides, social media campaigns, and so many more designs. In today’s post, I’d like to share a general overview of the tool, its features, and comparisons to other graphic design makers.

*AD| A premium account was gifted to me to use in return for a review. All opinions are my own regardless and are not altered in any way to suit the brand/product. If you have more questions, visit my disclaimer page: here.

What is Visme?

Engaging Charts and Infographics
Source: Visme’s website

Visme is a design and publishing tool similar to Canva, Piktochart, and other online graphic design websites. On their site, you can create just about any graphic design from more personal use to professional, publishable designs.

I’ve reviewed Visme in the past a few months ago and compared it to Canva. If you want a more in-depth comparison, consider seeing my other post: here.

Visme was founded in 2012, and since then they are constantly expanding and tweaking their website to suit an even larger audience of people besides just large businesses. But, is Visme a good option for bloggers? Let’s talk about their features.


Visme has a wide variety of features while also staying beginner-friendly and straightforward. It’s more complex than other design tools but overall easy to understand and neatly organized for optimization.


Online Document Creator - Create Docs & Reports | Visme
Source: Visme’s website

Visme comes with a variety of templates for any category of graphic design. For example, social media templates cater towards specific apps like Twitter and Instagram, with even more options for things like banners, reels, and more specific already-made templates that are ready for use.

And of course, they’re crisp, sleek, and have options to be animated. A major pro for Visme is that because there is a cost, it has more exclusive options, making your published designs stand out more than the free version’s templates, which are used constantly and are easy to spot.

Other than social media templates, they have printables like flyer makers and business cards available to create. If you want to have blog viewers from a local level, having a business card and already-made designs can help your blog grow within your community.

Visme also has advanced graphics with a specialty in animated graphics. Some of their designs like their infographic templates even have the option to be scrolled, which moves as you go down the page. They also have more interactive features, which makes the company stand out from its competitors as a unique feature. Let’s go a little more in-depth about their unique features.

Unique Features

Visme Review | PCMag
Source: PCMag

Other than templates and social media designs, they also have a variety of options for specialty designs. In Visme, you can create complex graphs and charts manually, or by importing Google/Excel datasheets to create graphs and even scatterplots.

Curious? Here’s a link about their scatterplot maker, which I found to be one of the most unique and interesting features of Visme. For bloggers, I think this is a great way to visual blog data, whether you share it on your blog, or keep it as a personal record to compare to. If you are working with a brand, they’ll love to see the effort you’re putting into your blog and a detailed graph is a great way to show your blog growth.

Having a survey report about your blog is another way to show your dedication to your blog and learn more about your viewers. You can make survey reports based on your viewer demographics or popular blog topics, so you can visually see what you’re audience as a whole looks like. Not entirely necessary, but a fun and useful way to improve your blog.

Brand Integration

Source: Visme’s website

All bloggers should have at least a rough idea of branding for their blog. For me, that includes cafe/coffee theming, soft brown colors and simply detailed designs.

Visme has branded color palettes, meaning you won’t have to choose or input colors every time, and instead saves a custom palette for you to any time you wish automatically. I find this especially helpful so all my designs match using the same shade of color every time. The same goes for fonts.

Visme is also very supportive of teams, with custom settings for other team members. This is a great option for bloggers who have started hiring for extra help, and their team support helps keep everyone on the same page. They have the same access as you do, or customized to be more limited. Compared to competitors, Visme is much more group-focused, making it great for teams and businesses.


Visme Pricing, Reviews and Features (August 2021) -
Source: Visme’s website

Visme has both free and priced versions. The free version is quite limited, but does give you a somewhat good feel for the website before having to pay. You get up to 5 projects/designs, limited templates and designs, as well as JPG downloads only. So, it’s kinda like a free trial but without a time limit.

Visme has three paying options: Standard, Business and Enterprise.

Standard comes at $15 dollars a month and allows 15 projects and 250 MB of storage. It’s still quite limited, but gets rid of any branding, and allows you to have access to all charts and widgets. It’s best for people who only need to a project once a month, or only need a limited amount of projects a year. Might be a good option for students, although they do have a student plan as well.

Their Business plan is their most valued plan. It allows you unlimited projects, 10 GB of storage, full access to the majority of features and video/audio integration. It’s the most typical option for bloggers who don’t want to worry about project limitations, and the majority of other people. I recommend this plan the most.

There’s also a Enterprise plan made for businesses and large teams, so I’ll skip over that category, but know that they have plans for even bigger groups that’s targeted towards big businesses.

Visme has student and teacher plans which pay per semester rather than each year.

Ease of Use

How to Create Blog Post Graphics and Web Graphics In Visme | Visme
Source: Visme’s Website

In terms of ease of use, Visme is pretty good. It’s a drag and drop system like many other design tools, and like I mentioned earlier their interface designs are simple, but have a lot of complex options.

It’s a little hard to navigate than Canva, and I found myself often trying to do things I either couldn’t do on Visme, or had to find a different way to do things. I highly recommend playing around with the site using their free version to get a good feel of the tool.

Although the learning time may take longer, it’s overall simple to use even for beginners who don’t know much about graphic design after getting over the learning curve.

Best Features For Bloggers

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My favorite and most-used features of Visme are definitely the social media designs. I have found their background eraser tool to be accurate and quick to use, and makes designs so much easier to make since I don’t need another website involved.

I make Pinterest pins, Twitter graphics and posts, as well as designs for my blog posts. Any blogging design you can think of, they likely have it.

But, I’ve also used Visme for things other than blogging. They have resume, media kits and presentation slides templates that I have been using. Even if you aren’t a blogger, I can see a lot of applications for personal use or as a student/teacher.

Overall Pros and Cons


  • Large stock video and photo library
  • Lots of embedded options like gifs and videos
  • Unique elements like 3D designs
  • Fairly easy to use but still complex
  • Plethora of template options
  • Educational content- webinars, e-books, video tutorials, etc.
  • Simple, beginner-friendly user interface


  • Can be expensive for bloggers
  • Takes longer to learn
  • No apps- desktop only
  • Lack elements in certain niches
  • Very limited free version

Canva V.S. Visme

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Which one is best for you? That depends what you’re looking for in a design tool.

If you are an absolute beginner and want something easy and free, but lacks uniqueness and sacrifices features, Canva is your option. It’s the most common design tool, but that makes your graphics more common and their templates very easy to spot. Even with their premium version, their elements, designs and templates are similar.

If you have used Canva or is ready for a big step up in designing with unique features at a monthly cost, Visme is your option. You can truly customize everything, and using 3D designs, charts, and animations will make your graphic designs pop. Their templates are not only unique, but appear more professional, sleek and provides lot of features and design options.


I believe Visme is a great option for bloggers who want to step away from Canva and try something new and professional. At the same time, you get access to features beyond just for blogging and can be used in other situations.

If you are looking for a complex yet simple to use graphic design tool with publishing options, plentiful elements and templates, I’d say go with Visme. I don’t think you’ll regret it!


There you have it! Here’s another review of Visme after spending more time using the design tool and understanding it’s features.

Thanks again to Visme’s team for letting me try and review their product. I always love seeing competition and new options for bloggers to use. Having another other besides Canva can really make you stand out as a blogger!

Readers, let me know what you think of this Visme review! What graphic design tool do you use? Have you heard of Visme before? Let me know!