Makeup Haul- High End and Drugstore

Hi everyone! In July, I took a week long vacation with my family and visited a few new makeup stores. I visited Ulta, as well as The Cosmetic Company store- two makeup stores located in the U.S. This is probably my biggest makeup haul yet!

Ulta Beauty Haul

Concealer shade: fair rose, Mascara: 802 very black

I have a mini beauty haul from Ulta, a large popular chain store in the States that sells makeup, skincare, and some general beauty care. I’ve been a few times and I love it! It’s a great mixture of drugstore products and more high end options.

Elf Hydrating Concealer

I needed to restock my current favorite concealer, the hydrating concealer from Elf! Before, I got the shade Fair Warm and decided this time to try Fair Rose. After I tried Colourpop’s tinted moisturizer in a neutral tone, I wanted to try that with this concealer. Plus, Fair Warm pulled a little yellow on me, which mixes badly with my brightening powder which is also yellow tinted.

I noticed sometimes in photos my under eyes looked unnaturally yellow, so I decided to get the lighter shade.

Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Finally got my hands on this mascara!

After hearing about it everywhere, I had to try it myself. It has a straight, plastic wand and comes in this cute plastic tube. I love the details on the barrel! I got it in the shade very black and the waterproof version. I’ve heard amazing things about this mascara as it has been trending everywhere, so I wanted to try it myself!

Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette

Another product I’ve been waiting forever to try! After falling in love with their Blush Crush palette, I knew I would love this one. It has coral pinks, browns and some gold accents as well. I’m super excited to try this one out!

Something I noticed is that Colourpop palettes look so much smaller in person, I’m always surprised to see the sizes of each palette. For example, I thought the 12 pan palettes would be pretty big, but in reality their not too much bigger than their 9 pans. Which isn’t a problem, because it’s impossible to hit pan on the majority of eye shadow palettes, even smaller ones, but that’s just something I thought I should note.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I threw this in as well, since I was running low on my one from Dove. Despite not usig dry shampoo very often- maybe a few times a month- I go through these like crazy! I’m interested in trying this one from Batiste because I’ve heard great things, but I have never tried it myself. I got the original version in my Ulta Beauty haul.

The Cosmetic Company Store

Foundation shade: Swan| Highlighter shade: Pearl

When looking up stores near the outlets I was visiting, I saw a store called The Cosmetic Company store. I had never heard of it, but apparently it’s a store containing products only from the Estee Launder parent company including: Too Faced, Tom Ford, Clinque, Origins, Becca, etc.

I’m not the biggest fan of any of their brands- they’re honestly quite boring to me. Not to mention I feel very iffy about Too Faced as brand, even though I did end up caving and buying a few things from them. But, a thing about this store is that everything is discounted with the majority being between 30-60% off. There’s also a 75% of section as well, which is where I got everything from. The discounts vary from store to store, but everything is at least 30% off.

Too Faced Pineapple Glow Mask

So I bought a skincare product from Too Faced, which might not be my best decision, but it was only $5 so I had to give it a try. Too Faced is also discontinuing their Tutti Fruiti line, so that’s why this normally $42 mask was so cheap. I love the packaging, but I’m a little afraid to try a heavily-scented skincare product from the brand.

When I read reviews after buying it, I saw people complain that it irritated this skin- likely from the pineapple, it can be an irritating ingredient for some- so I have to patch test this.

Too Faced Tutti Fruiti Dew You Foundation

In all honesty and clarity, I probably shouldn’t have picked this up! It’s a full coverage foundation, something that I rarely wear, but I’m stubborn and want to see what I can do with this.

I can probably lighten the coverage with a beauty sponge and go from there. At least the only shade available there matched me!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

I also picked up a highlighter from Becca! I had to try one of their products before the brand closed, and their highlighter was 75% off as well, so I manged to get the shade pearl. Did I need a highlighter? Probably not, but again I wanted to try the brand.

The packaging is interesting but iconic, and the mirror inside is big and really nice. I adore just looking at the shade inside, it’s such a pretty white highlighter!

Full Haul


And that’s all for my haul! Have you tried any of these products? Are you a fan of drugstore/affordable makeup or high end? Let me know!

Also, want to see more photos, swatches, shade comparisons and more? Check out my Instagram! It’s linked on the right, or it’s @Cafe_Beauty_