August Wrap Up

How is it already nearing September?! August is usually a fun month for me with last minute vacations, trips, and enjoying the last bits of summer. But, I am looking forward to a lot of things in September: a new school year, my birthday and the start of Fall.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. August went by quickly, and this month I got the opportunity to batch make posts and prepare my blog for next month when I don’t have enough time as I usually do. I also had my fair share of amazing monthly favorites as well to share.

Monthly Favorites

This month, I bought some new makeup, as well as bought some more of my tried and true staples.

Stonewall Kitchen Hand Lotion in Pumpkin Harvest

This is a little bit of a weird one, but I fell in love with this hand lotion when I visited Stonewall Kitchen! As the name suggests, it’s mostly kitchen products, but they do have a few candles, lotions, and other similar things. This was discounted since I bought it in the middle of the summer, but the scent is amazing!

It has a lovely spicy yet still a little sweet pumpkin smell to it. It reminds me of gingerbread cookies or chai tea, it’s such an amazing fall scent. Other than the smell, I was pleasantly surprised how soft this made my skin feel. I didn’t have too high of expectations, but it made my hands feel softer than even Bath and Body Works. Such a great find!

Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette

I’ve wanted this palette forever and I finally got it!

This is 12 pan pink, yellow and gold palette. I’ll admit it’s a bit more colorful for my tastes as the coral pink shades are a bit intense for everyday wear, but even still they are so, so beautiful. I love the shimmer shades, the matte shades and the duo-chrome shades as well. Some of the pinks and oranges create a bright look that reminds me of tye dye!

It’s such a lovely palette, and a must for anyone who likes pink toned palettes, but found Blush Crush to be too subtle for them.

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Lifestyle: Vacation to Mount Washington Resort

This month I went on a final trip! I visited this hotel with my family and got to eat some delicious food. It was a short trip for only two nights and our final day got cut short because of the incoming hurricane, but otherwise the trip went well!

I always love vacations whether it’s fancy hotels, camping, or visiting family in another part of the country, but I do still really miss home. There’s something about daily routines that feel so comforting, and it’s always something I’m thrown off by trips and holidays. Still, it was a great weekend trip two weeks before university started, and probably my last one until Christmas.

Here’s What To Look Forward To/In Cased You Missed It

  • In August I did a guest post over at The Lilac Scrapbook all about traveling in southern Maine
  • I started offering guest posts on my blog! I already have 5 planned for the next two months. Stay tuned for Saturdays!
  • I’m also doing a guest post about planning at the beginning of next month so be prepared for that as well soon
  • I’m doing another fall-inspired guest post around the end of September

My August Goals and Results

As of August 27th:

  • 120 Blog Subscribers –> 126 Subscribers (+29)
  • 200 Twitter Followers –> 280 Followers (+108)
  • 150 Instagram Followers –> 174 Followers (+60)
  • SEO 5 old posts –> Completed

I completed all my goals! And on top of that, I finished all goals pretty quickly as well! I managed to increase my blog subscribers higher than average this month and gained a little under 30 new people. Hello, if you are new!

I also gained a lot of Twitter followers. Before, I would gain around 50 each month, and now I’m getting upwards of 100 every month! My Instagram as well has been gaining followers at a higher-than-average rate, and I’m excited to see all the stats this month. I’ve also worked on SEO and tweaked at least 5 of my old posts, a goal I want to continue with.

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My September Goals

This month is all about stabilizing and coasting along. I have a lot going on in September, so I’m not setting too many lofty goals.

  • 150 Blog Subscribers
  • 300 Twitter Followers
  • 200 Instagram Followers
  • Hit 600 Monthly Page Views
  • Increase my DA score to 11
  • Write 2 guest posts

Shaking it up a little with my goals! My blog subscribers goal is still a little high, but I want to keep pushing. As for Twitter and Instagram, I’m keeping them a little more reasonable but still about average goals. I’ve also added a goal to increase my 11, which is a goal of mine but not the highest priority. The same goes with my guest posting goals of two: I think it’s achievable, but I will be busy so it’s one of my lower priority goals.

Blog Stats

Photo by Ali Naaz on

July V.S August:

  • July Monthly Views: 584
  • August Monthly Views: 644

Getting closer to 700 views! I hope by the very end of this month I can reach 700, but if not I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. If you need a reminder, this is my current timeline in terms of monthly views: 0 –> 34–> 79 –> 371 –> 692 –> 584 –> 644. So, I’m quite happy with the 600s range at the moment!

A Note To My Readers

As I mentioned earlier, September will be a busy month for me and probably many of you, whether you go back to school yourself or your kids. I will try my hardest to update twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday, but I also wanted to mention something new.

My guest posts will be live in September! As of right now, all guest posts will go live on Saturdays, and I have a couple lined up and ready. If you are interested in writing for me, please consider checking out my guest post page! I’ll link it below.

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Otherwise, I wish you all a great month! Let me know how you think September will go for you and any plan. Are you or your kids going back to school this September? I’m excited to hear your responses!