Monthly Makeup Releases: August

Can you believe it’s already the end of August?! By the time this is posted, I’m getting ready for my second year of college and summer is very quickly coming to a close. That being said, although summer is ending, that doesn’t mean the influx of makeup is slowing down!

Today I’m going to cover a ton of new beauty, as well as a few releases I missed from last month. So let’s get started, shall we?

Missed Releases from July

Colourpop Ice Cream Bites Collection

One of the collections I missed was this one from Colourpop towards the end of July.

They have been going along with the mini-palette trend and releasing a lot of quads. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this clear, plastic packaging. It’s cute, but really basic compared to the amazing artwork they can do on cardboard packaging (plus, it’s better for the environment).

I can say that I love the colorful options as well as the more neutral options as well. We have a warm orange palette, a pink palette, a purple palette, a mint palette, a bright pink-yellow palette and a pressed glitter palette. I love the variety, and I’m so glad all the pressed glitters are all in one palette. One thing to note is that I watched a review and they said their shadows broke really easily in this particular packaging while traveling, so keep that in mind!

The palette Extra Toppings has be my favorite because I love pink tones, but it’s not really necessary for my collection right now. Still, a cute option.

Elf Bite-Sized Brows and Balms Collection

Elf expanded on their bite-sized collection once again. They came out with several shades of a brow-powder and wax combo, as well as a few kinds of lip balms. I understand them wanting to come out with a new brow product in the bite-sized line, but right now brow pencils and pens are much more popular than powders.

I recently switched from a brow powder to a pencil and it’s so much easier to apply and travel with. The shade selection of this release is nice, and I like that it come with both waxes and powders, but it’s a pass from me.

The lip balms are really cute! I like the colors, the packaging and the scents. Elf already has a lot of lip balms, but the packaging of this one makes me really enjoy it. If I happen to find some, I’d get a coconut or watermelon balm. Also, you can’t beat the price of $4! I’m glad some of their products are still on the cheaper side like they have been for years.


And now onto the Colourpop segment of this post. They’ve releases Lippie Pencils sets, more eyeshadow quads and collabs.

New Lippie Pencil Sets

Sneaking in around the very end of July are these Lippie Pencil sets! I haven’t tried this formula from the brand, but I’ve heard good things. There’s two sets: a nude set and a red set.

I saw someone mention this would have been a great Christmas vault idea, since it comes with 10 shades. 10 is kind of a lot, I think 4 bundles of 5 each would have been interesting! Regardless, it’s a pretty standard release. There’s not too much to comment on. I do want to try their formula, but I probably won’t get a big bundle.

Nude Collection: Eyeshadow Quads and Blush Quads

Very recently after the Ice Cream Quads dropped, they released this nude collection. Also to note, I found it a little amusing they had someone in their Instagram stories basically announce it was a nude collection ahead of time. Colourpop has been getting a lot of complaints in the last couple months about being too neutral, so it’s an interesting move to announce early that it was a neutral-nude collection.

Again, not a big fan of the plastic quad packaging. I’d look into the 4 blush quads, but I have enough blushes from Colourpop and I’m loving cream blush at the moment. There’s not really a lot coming from Colourpop at the moment, so I’m highly expecting a big collab at the end of the month. Let’s wait and see. (Spoiler alert: It was the Tinkerbell collection!)

Colourpop X Disney Princesses Super Shock Vault

Colourpop is releases more super shock shadows, but this time in collaboration with Disney. This collab features a collection of shades in a big vault, but are also sold individually. They have a nice range of colors from light, neutral shades to some colorful blues, purples and reds.

I might try I’m Wishing and How Far I’ll Go, which are the two lightest shades at the top. I’ve been enjoying the super shock shadows in my palettes as they’re soft and super sparkly. The super shock shadows are nice although there’s a fair bit of shimmery fallout from the soft formula.

It’s a cute collection, but nothing too special. It might be a good opportunity to try their super shock formula if you haven’t already.

Update- After watching a swatches video, I actually fell in love with the individual packaging. The designs are reflective and holographic, and the containers are a cute baby pink. I love the stickers at the bottom of each shade with a little crown detail. I ended up liking these more than I originally thought.

Y2K Collection

Just after Trendmood announced the Disney collab, they also followed up with this collection inspired by the early 2000s. It comes with a decent amount of baby pink, blue and purple themed products like lip crayons, glosses, super shock shadows and palettes.

Most of the comments and reactions for this collection have been well, although some are still bored with Colourpop. I can sort of agree with being bored with the brand this year, as they haven’t been coming out with as many hit products as of late. This is a cute collection, but I haven’t been loving much of the 2000s trends going on both in fashion and now makeup. Some people have been loving the nostalgia collabs and collections, and some people not as much.

It’s a pass from me.

Astrology Collection

Colourpop is releasing yet another plastic quad collection. I really wish they’d try a different pan style, but besides the fact that I dislike the packaging, this is a cute collection.

There are 12 palettes- one for each zodiac and different color stories. They come in their own custom box and one shade in each palette has their astrology symbol imprinted.

I like my zodiac’s color story which is a soft pink color, but it reminds me a lot of the pink palettes from the ice cream collection. I’d definitely like to see swatches of all these new four pan quads, because some are very similar. Otherwise, it’s a cute collection. I might pick up a Libra palette because my sign just happens to match my color preferences. But honestly, I wish they would go back to their bigger palettes. I’m missing their 9 and 12 pan palettes right about now.

Colourpop Mystery Boxes

I also want to throw this in real quick. Colourpop is releasing mystery boxes are three different prices: $29, $49 and $89. From what I could tell from the few YouTube videos people have done with these mystery boxes, it’s mostly things from their 80% sale.

This includes things like their Lippie Stixs, Ultra Blotted Lips, Ultra Glossy Lips, Fourth Ray face and body milks, Cream Gel Liners, etc. It’s true that it’s mostly from their sale section, but most of the products are actually really nice but didn’t sell too well. Their big selling point is that they included 1-2 palettes from the Animal Crossing collection.

By the time this blog post comes out, I’m not sure if the mystery boxes will still be available, but if they are, it’s a great option for those who want to try something new or don’t mind some colorful/deeper options.

Other Brands

I Heart Revolution x Pebbles Cereal Collab Collection

Now this is the type of packaging and theming I’m missing from Colourpop! This is such a cute collection that I’ve never even though of. Food collaborations for new makeup releases can be weird, but I think cereal actually works really well. This collection comes with a ton of things, but includes eyeshadow palettes and brush kits just to name a few.

I’d consider getting the Cocoa Pebbles eyeshadow palette if the quality is good. I believe I Heart Revolution is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to a quality formula, so I’ll wait for reviews. $22 a little steep, I’d rather they’d get rid of a few shades and make it under $20, but not the worst pricing they could have done. There’s also cute little headbands and body butters I’d love to try too.

If this comes to Ulta, I’d seriously consider picking these up!

Buxom Spiced-Up Full-On Plumping Lip Gloss Collection

Buxom is releasing a fall-themed collection of plumping lip glosess! There’s four colors and all of them are scented either with vanillia or pumpkin.

Buxom isn’t a brand I know very well, but I do know that they’re known for their lip glosses, and these in particular caught my eye. I love that these are coffee and fall inspired, and also provide a decent amount of color. I love the shades Pippa Pumpkin and Chai Latte in particular for my skin tone.

Buxom is also available at Ulta, which makes me much more likely to buy from the brand. If the plumping effect isn’t too extreme, I’ll seriously consider picking one of these up!

Beauty Headlines


So August has been a very busy month for makeup! It’s not going to slow down either- fall inspired releases are just as popular as summer. There’s also Holiday releases that’ll be announced right around the corner.

I made the decision this month not to include everything from Colourpop. From now on, any releases I consider minor or not really as noteworthy will be put in the beauty headlines sections. They just release way too much!

Otherwise, let me know how your month went! Did you buy any new makeup? Anything off this list catch your eye? I’d love to know!