Monthly Makeup Releases: September

September is an eventful month for the majority of us: a new season, a new school year for the kids and a new semester for college students. It also means that we are creeping closer towards Christmas. And that means for this monthly makeup releases post, we’re sprinkling in Christmas and Holiday releases. Yes, already. We’re actually a little late, usually there’s already a bunch of holiday releases in August, but I digress.

Today, I’m gonna cover more Colourpop (who would have guessed), a bunch of collabs and sneak peeks to the holiday season releases! They’re just starting to trickle in, but by next month they’ll be a ton of news to share. For now, we’re just getting the first peeks of the season.


Of course, there’s still a bunch from Colourpop I want to share including the Tinkerbell collection released in late August, a new mega palette, 90’s inspired collection and more.

Colourpop x Tinkerbell Collection

This is an interesting and super cute collection! It comes with the palette shown above- which is a fairly unique 9-pan palette from Colourpop. They have green-toned palettes, but none that mix in some pinks as well. There’s also Super Shock Cheek products and Super Shock Eyeshadow trios, as well as their Glossy Lip Stains and Creme Gel Pencils.

The packaging is ten out of ten. The art style isn’t like her usual cartoon design, but instead a lovely more mature, sketched-out image of Tinker Bell. But, the cardboard packaging inside nods to the movie as you can see Peter Pan and the others in the background behind the shadows. A very cute touch!

Otherwise, the Super Shock trios are pretty with green packaging and Tinkerbell Silhouettes. The colors are pretty typical, but there is a single Super Shock called Straight On ‘til Morning which is a shimmery green. Overall, a really nicely-themed and fairly unique collection! Probably one of my favorites as of recently.

As much as I love the look of the palette, I know I won’t wear greens. I am interested in the Super Shock cheeks, especially Magic Moon, which is a stunning shimmery peachy-pink blush. Besides that, maybe a Super Shock shadow, because I haven’t tried their singles yet and I’m curious.

It’s A Mood Mega Palette

After a long trail of mini palettes and quads, Colourpop releases this mega palette. It’s a 30 pan palettes that follows somewhat monochromatic rows of colors like orange, purple, green, etc. I wasn’t expecting too much from this palette, but people seem to love the color story (minus the pressed glitters).

The colors have nice depths, and go pretty deep and dark into colorful shades like the blues and greens. I think this a great colorful alternative to Fade into Hue, a rainbow palette that stuck too close to their typical color shades. This palette is also great for fall considering these darker, more moody shades.

This isn’t a palette for me, but I’m hearing that a lot of people love this.

Plush Like Me Collection

Another lukewarm collection for me. I’m not quite feeling this one, but it comes with a 12 pan palette, several lipsticks and pencils, Blush Stixs and a Sol Body Powder. It’s also supposed to be 90’s inspired.

Something interesting about this palette I noticed on Instagram is that the shades vary drastically depending on the lighting. In Trendmood’s and Colourpop’s photos, it seems very neutral and red-toned, but in lower lighting a lot of the shades look silver and green. Interesting thing to note, but otherwise it’s a pass for me.

Colourpop Hocus Pocus Collection (Round 2)

Colourpop came out with another Hocus Pocus collection!

The main palette isn’t my favorite and I liked last year’s better, but I think it has something to do with the color choices and pan shapes. Otherwise, I like the majority of the rest of the collection! The lip cremes are in interesting colors- a nude, dark purple and a pitch black shade. There’s 3 Super Shock shadows as well as a very cute Binx hand mirror.

I was really disappointed to learn that the Sol body candle was only available with the full collection. I’m guessing they had limited amounts since they’ve never done candles before, but here’s hoping they’ll release a bunch of holiday scents this season.

I’m interested in the hand mirror and the neutral lip shade, but I think I’ll pick it up later this year, unless another lip shade comes out that I like better.

Other Brands

Too Faced Cinnamon Swirl

Too Faced is a brand I’m iffy about despite the cute packaging, but boy does some of their releases make me curious. Just to note, they come out with very similar tin packaged palettes like this every year, so if you have one from last year or a few years before, they’re liking very similar: a neutral palette with a pop of color.

Their Cinnamon Swirl is their newest Christmas palette, although it is available now to buy. I haven’t tried their formula, but I do know that they have two kinds: a really good one and a really bad one. Most of the time, these tin palettes are the good formula, but be aware some of their holiday bulk palettes are lower quality than their typical formula. Definitely research before buying.

I may pick this up, but I know a lot of people like their holiday palettes so I added it to this list.

Holiday Sneak Peeks

Trendmood released some more sneak peeks to future releases!

I’m seeing a mini palette from Too Faced, as well as usual holiday palettes, some Benefit and Huda Beauty kits, as well as a Rare Beauty kit in the corner of this photo. There’s also some skincare sets from a couple of different brands.

The thing that caught my eye the most was those two Tarte palettes! The outer packaging, the the swirls in the shimmers, the color story- everything looks very cute! I’m seriously interested in these palettes, and I’m keeping a close eye out. I’ve liked their formula in the past, so I’m excited to see if these are just as good.

More Holiday Sneak Peeks

Here’s a couple more holiday releases sneak peeks!

I’m not too interested in many of these, but the Farmacy Hydration Kit caught my eye. I love honey in skincare and for the winter time, so I’m always on the lookout for more hydrating products. The price is pretty steep for me though, so I might cross my fingers and hope for a sale either for Black Friday, Christmas or post-Christmas sales.

BH Cosmetics X Doja Cat

BH Cosmetics has come out with a new collection with Doja Cat, and it’s a pretty big selection of products! Not only is there one giant palette, but 3 quads as well. There’s also blushes, highlighters, mascaras, eyeliners, brushes, and even more products.

I’d be interested in the blushes and lip balm if this collection comes from Ulta. I’ve only tried one older palette from BH Cosmetics and I wasn’t a super big fan of it, but I’m still interested in the brand. I’m pretty neutral about it being a Doja Cat collab, but I do really like the gold theme.

Mostly a pass, but this is an interesting collection.

(Also, let me know if you like the column set up for this post! I hate how big the Instagram embeded looks, so I figured I’d try this. Please let me know, even if you’re neutral!)

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