September Wrap-Up

September has been one of the quickest months by far (yes, I know I say this every month but I really do mean it this time). This month, I started college up again as a sophomore and had my 20th birthday. It was definitely a low-key birthday, but one nonetheless.

But I’m getting ahead of myself again. Let’s see how September went this month in today’s September wrap-up.

Hair care: Scrunchies

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For my birthday, I got another set of scrunchies! Scrunchies for me are pretty multi-purpose as I use them for both my hair and a thing to wear around my wrist. I’m a pretty anxious person, so having something to play with at all times is nice.

When I do wear scrunchies, I love one’s that have little bows or ties in them as long as they aren’t too long. The one’s that I got for my birthday were nice despite not having any bows, and added a few black ones to my collection. I’m actually wearing one (in my hair) right now. You can find these hair ties nearly everywhere, but I like to get some at discount places like TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree and Walmart.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (Travel-Sized)

I’ve been using this moisturizer for a while now, but only in the Winter time as it’s a pretty heavy cream. My skin varies a lot from season-to-season, as now I’m stuck in a frustrating limbo of dry yet acne-prone skin.

So I’ve been using this, but applying lightly so I’m still getting the moisture, but as the month neared to the end, I was actually applying this often. The temperatures here just dropped from the 70s to the 60s, and at night occasionally dipping into the 40s so my skin quickly need more moisture. I forgot what it was like to have dry skin again! My skin has been extra oily this year, so it’s an interesting change of pace.

Lifestyle: Magazine Work

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This month I decided to do something new: I wanted to write for a magazine and do more creative things on campus.

First, I looked for a magazine to work on and I found Ophelia Magazine, a student-run online mag that focuses on entertainment, lifestyle and general personal essays/journalism. I really loved that they were student-run and also had people working on it from all over the world. So, now I’m a part time writer!

I also joined my university’s literary magazine, which has been running for a long time and features creative writing and art from the local students. I can also write for it, but my position right now is social media and general editing tasks. We do a lot of voting, planning and coming up with titles and winners for each genre. It’s a bit of a slow-moving club until next semester when the magazine date get’s closer to release, but it’s been fun so far.

Here’s What To Look Forward To/In Cased You Missed It

This spot is pretty empty for me this month! I’ve been chugging through my classes and barely keeping up with blog and the magazines, so I haven’t had much time to guest post.

But, I will share my first article under the Ophelia Magazine: The Importance of Physical Hobbies And Why They Matter. I’m excited to write more personal pieces and just write about things that don’t normally fit my blog. So, stay tuned for that!

Otherwise, I’ve had a couple of guest posts on my blog and I’m still looking for more as I write this. I’ve been enjoying having others write for my blog, although it can be hard to organize at times. Especially with college at the moment, having other people fill in my schedule has been really nice.

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My September Goals and Results

  • (Goal) 150 Blog Subscribers –> (Result) 143 Subscribers (+20)
  • 300 Twitter Followers –> 397 Followers (+97)
  • 200 Instagram Followers –> 214 Followers (+40)
  • Hit 600 Page Views (Completed –> Hit 950)
  • Increase My DA score to 11 (Incomplete)
  • Write 2 guest posts (Incomplete)

I had a bit of an all-over month! I just missed my blog subscriber goal, but only by a few so I’m not very disappointed. My Twitter is thriving like usual- nearly 100 new followers this month. Instagram did about what I expected it to do, and thanks to the help of Twitter, I got to almost 1k views.

My DA actually went down, which I was pretty stressed about, but I’m working on SEOing my posts and share more trending topics at the moment. Hopefully, by guest posting I’ll get my DA back where it should be. I also failed my guest posting goal. I’m going to try again next month, but being able to not only run my blog but 2 magazines and manage 2 extra guest posts a month wasn’t doable.

My October Goals

Now that I got a better feel of what I can do with my current schedule, I’m molding my goals around this.

  • 160 Blog Subscribers
  • 470 Twitter Followers
  • 250 Instagram Followers
  • Hit 700 Page Views
  • 2 Magazine Articles
  • 2 Guest Posts
  • SEO 3 Old Posts/ Redo if necessary

Blog Stats

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  • July Monthly Views: 584
  • August Monthly Views: 1.0k
  • September Monthly Views: 950

I’m really proud of my growth these last few months! Nearly doubling my monthly views from one month to the next and being able to keep it has been amazing. 1k views is the point for me where I feel more comfortable monetizing my blog and working with others. So, it’s been a pretty good milestone. Not bad for a blog I started in January!

A Note To My Readers

I hope you’ve been enjoying my content this month! I know I’m posting less than usual, but for the near future it seems like this will be the new normal. I generally bulk up blog content during the weekends and then post at my normal times, so please consider sticking around!

Leave me any suggestions for new post ideas or anything else you’d like to see from me!