10 Products $10 and Under

It's easy to find affordable makeup at the drugstore, but finding both cheap and great quality products... not so much. In today's post, I'd like to talk about my favorite affordable makeup products under $10. You'll see a lot of my must-haves from brands like Elf, L.A Girl, Milani, and Essence. Having a more affordable … Continue reading 10 Products $10 and Under

My Ulta Haul: Skincare and Makeup

|AFF*| A couple of weeks ago an Ulta opened up near my area, so I decided to give it a look! The nearest Ulta for me was a drive, but more than that it was a drive through a very busy city to get to the shopping mall, so I never went. But, now a … Continue reading My Ulta Haul: Skincare and Makeup

My Affordable Makeup Favorites

AFF*| Sometimes, it can be difficult to find makeup all in one place, especially if you love a mixture of affordable and high end makeup. So for today's post, I want to share my essential makeup favorites from Amazon so that you can easily find everything in one place. As a bonus, these are all … Continue reading My Affordable Makeup Favorites

Top 7 Best Elf Cosmetics Products

Hi all! Elf has been my favorite brand for a long time and I've been using them for years. They're affordable with the majority of products under $15, and a pretty good selection under $5. The brand has increased in quality especially the last few years, and people are noticing as the brand becomes more … Continue reading Top 7 Best Elf Cosmetics Products

Monthly Makeup Releases: May

Another new month of makeup! The start of this month was a little slow, but it started to pick by the middle and ended with some great releases. Let's see what's new this month, shall we? Colourpop Decided to dedicate a section to Colourpop, seeing as they make up 70% of the products I mention … Continue reading Monthly Makeup Releases: May

How to Layer SPF Using Makeup and Skincare

Hello everyone! So for today's post, I'd like to talk about sunscreen and SPF as it's getting closer to summertime (at least in the northern hemisphere), so it's time to start wearing sunscreen! One big issue I see is that people don't reapply their sunscreen. It's easy to forget when you're caught up having fun, … Continue reading How to Layer SPF Using Makeup and Skincare