Private Policy & Disclaimer

Disclaimer- everything that you read on my blog is my own opinion, no matter if it is sponsored, gifted or if I reviewed it based on my own interests.

My posts may contain affiliated links, gifted things or sponsored content, but I will always let you know which links are affiliated, and if something was given to me for free.

By purchasing through one of my affiliate link, I may be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you. Small things like this will help keep my blog running.

I also use free stock images from places like Pexels in both my posts and my graphic designs. They are all free to use, and if my images are from other places they’ll be sourced underneath. If their is no source, it’s likely my own or from Pexels.

I will also note the differences between gifted content and sponsored content. Gifted means that I am under no obligation to post or review a product, but was kindly sent to me to try. Sponsored content is usually paid and I’m under obligation to post about them. Both will be stated clearly if they are apart of any of my posts.

I also highly recommend you get second opinions and see other people’s thoughts, especially around skincare as I’m not a dermatologist or anything close to that. I’m just a consumer – not a professional– who likes skincare and makeup.

Private Policy- as I’m working under WordPress, my site collects data in order to show me my analytics and demographic information. But, all data is only visible to me and is almost always volunteered such as leaving a comment, subscribing to my subscription newsletter and contact forms. No data will ever be given or sold to anyone else without permission.

Cookies- there’s also optional cookies such as saving your email for your convenience that can be opted in or out. They’re optional, but advertisements from WordPress may ask to include cookies. So in summary, the standard for most blogs.

I also use Google Analytics, a very popular site for blogging to see their stats and is crucial to keep a blog running. If you are concerned, please look at their private policy that I am in complicate with.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me under that specific tab at the top and I will get back to you as soon as I can.